+30 engineer. Can i still play with low level friends?

I have been trying to match make with a new player/ friend who wants to get into the game. However i have a level 30 engineer account. When i am in party with my friend can i still match make at a low PS he cant reach higher then 1500 right now. And if i build anything in that range. My queue times are longer then 30 minutes

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Yeah you can que low ps together no problem. I am unsure however if you’ll get the big boy lobbies or the Newby lobbies or a mix. I just never play below 10k 95% of the time.

We get the “big boy lobbies.” the only problem is. No one plays in the big boy lobbies at low PS so queue times to past half hour (this is normally the point where i play a different game. How can i play on the newbie lobbies?

Make another Ps account and start off as a lvl 1