360 subscription -60% discount

It seems i always miss this discount deal every year but i remembered this year so im about to pounce on it.

Was curious how many players pay for the premium 360 subscription yearly or just buy premium during events.
Its like 30 bucks but you get that back in gold over the year in a daily 40 gold that adds up…plus the extra resources to sell.
Seems like a good thing for people who can afford it that love crossout.

What you say on this?


I always pass… I’m skittish thinking I won’t get to play enough to make it pay off.

Pretty sure this will be the 6th year I’m wrong on that. :roll_eyes::unamused:


I’ve never paid for it, but I do think people who subscribe have a much better experience, perspective, and opinion of Crossout than those who don’t. They are more sheltered from the depth of the grind when they subscribe, and resources for crafting are probably never an issue, and neither is having a little spare coin for amusing and seasonal in-game bobbles. They play for fun more often than out of pressure, I think.

These are also likely the same people who don’t understand the various complaints about Crossout being grindy, or feeling rigged. They simply aren’t having the same game experience. Also, they may not play as often or as intensely as people on the free-to-play model. If you are a free-to-player, you have to push and hustle a lot, and are liable to spend more hours playing the game and grinding things out than the subscription owner feels compelled to. That can be stressful and frustrating if you have to contend with some of the ridiculous seasonal features and updates this game presents from time to time. Subscribers have less pressure to involve themselves with brawls that suck, for example, while the Free2Player is sort of obligated out of poverty to at least try, if the rewards are significant.

That’s my overall impression of the value of a Yearly Subscription. In short; I think it’s a good deal at the price they are presently asking.

I tend to go for the Battle Passes, rather than subscriptions, but I’m reconsidering my logic for that presently.
The Battle Pass stuff either sucks or gets nerfed to worthlessness after the party is over, often. Also, the things they offer aren’t things I personally want in the first place, simply because IDGAF about top shelf guns and modules, or Stabilizers, but that’s just me.

The last thing I want is to play this game at PS 15K. IMO, everything that sucks about this game is magnified by the power-score, but again, that’s simply my opinion according to my taste. Battle pass gear tends to be tailored towards the upper end of this game’s performance, and to facilitate player progress towards that higher PS bracket. That’s not for me.

And, I think the things I do actually like from the Battle Passes could be bought off the market easily, if I had access to the benefits and rewards earned from a regular paid subscription (grind-free). I wouldn’t feel as compelled to grind through events like Battle Passes or brawls, that may or may not suck for whatever reason (bad updates, OP weapons, stupid brawl formats, etc.), just to acquire the latest goodies. If it’s fun, you can play it. If it’s not, you can monkey around and brush it off, and just buy whatever new bobble that turns your crank off the market.

That’s the only thing holding me back too. I’m struggling to be interested in this game. I know I used to like it a lot, but I’ve not been able to find my groove lately. My mojo died. I’m not even taking advantage of the free 3-day subscription they handed out recently. It feels like a chore when I try too.

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One of the lessons i learn with Warships.

  • never buy 360 premium account even at a discount
    In 2018 i burnt out with Patch 8.0 (cv rework) some weeks later i started to play crossout, a couple of months later i was feeling better and i decided to go back to warships.
    360 days premium account was the single minor and major factor, i didn’t want all of that hard earned money going to waste.
    So i went back, a few scandals later ( my changing of elected class aka Bayern and Alabama prolonged my stay) the Devs decided to force introduce subs into the game without any one ask for it, it was the last drop.
    I guess i blew up my “head gasket” again and without any more premium days i was finally free.

So, after an 6 months or so hiatus i came back to crossout, and i’m still here with no plans to come back to that shitshow.

There you go, my cautionary story about 360 days premium.
for a long term never go above 90 or 180 days, it will be my advice for all of you

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That, to me, is the difference between folks who just play games for fun and folks who - in my humble little opinion - take games way too seriously. If you take it too seriously, you don’t feel like you’re really playing unless you have top tier everything… Playing with “starter parts” or “noob parts” feels less somehow.

So, the serious folks frustrate the heck out of themselves spending money AND grinding. They’re the ones that cuss and scream over chats, rant & rave over the “f’n bunch of noobs team!” They’re also the ones who come on here & start thread after thread about hovers or whatever the current OP meta is. They’re not unique to CrossOut, either. They exist in every game I’ve ever played.

They’re absolutely infuriated at suggestions they just don’t play “at that level…” Like, why would they play if they weren’t playing at the “top level?!?”

I may have been one of those people in the past…

Now, I remind myself to try to remember that this is supposed to be fun. So, I ask what it is about CrossOut that I actually enjoy.

Well, it’s building rigs that look cool to me, are fun to play, and then playing those rigs… no matter the PS.

When the Syndicate came out, I realized something very crucial… I’ve gotten to the point in the game where new modules, cabs & weapons don’t make playing any more fun. Structural parts, though…

Which brings me to my next point… With the Syndicate, I didn’t really WANT any of those modules, cabs or weapons. Some of the structural parts were very alluring. I eventually got all of them through badge exchanges (I think).

So, back to the OP…

The VALUE of having more coins & resources has really diminished for me. I’m not saying it’s a bad idea for anyone, just that I’ve been playing long enough that I have all the key modules I really want. I have all but one legendary cabin… I have at least one legendary of every weapon type… I have all the modules (hardware) I think I’ll ever really need. I have virtually every wheel/track/auger in the game… I don’t have a burning desire to get any new parts.

Now, if I were just starting out, and I had any inkling of how much I’d be playing this game, I’d have gotten the 360 a long time ago. It’s just too easy to get that 40 coins a day. Even if you miss a few days, you’re still getting around 14k coins in a year. Not bad.

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If they had the 1 month or maybe 3 month on discount I would might pay for it but I don’t have some magical crystal ball that will tell me if I am still going to be around in a years time, no way id pay for a full years premium they would basically have to give it away before I even consider paying for it, way more than a 60% discount.

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I have been both. Never paid a dime for 2 years. I do enjoy the game more with a subscription.

The law of the Grind does not go away. There is NEVER enough resources for a crafter. Never.

Most paying people started as free players. Nearly EVERYONE understands the non paying experience.

You should never play a game out of “pressure”. Ever.

No one makes you play any particular PS. I too, find the game at high PS quite lacking.

60% off. You can play less than 6 of 12 months and still get your “money’s worth” vs regular price.

I didn’t play for almost 3 months in 2022. That was still nearly 4 months of premium over the cost of buying it un discounted.

Gotta keep it real and in perspective.

Not many on this forum seem to. Glad you get it.

The matchmaker does.

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No it matches the PS of the car you built into the bracket. You choose the base PS you are entering the MM with. You are not going to see a 3k ps car in a battle with 12k unless you do some hinky grouping. You choose your basic PS MM grouping.

Now, we can debate how effective the MM is at doing that (not very imo), but ultimately, that decision is based upon a players build’s PS.

I do not have the impression that the opinion of the average forum user is representative.

Ya, sure, the problem is that it sets me in the lobby indefinitely if I choose to run low PS. I sat in the lobby on average for 3 minutes last night, and after sitting there for 5 minutes, I just quit. If I chose to run a build at 9K, or used an alt account with a lower Engineer’s level, I will get matches in under a minute or two. So I know there are matches to be had, it just won’t let me in. It’s not like I’m using fancy gear and seal clubbing in my art-builds. I’m not. kids have a pretty fair chance at clobbering one of my rides, I think. I get clobbered plenty.

It also gives me prohibitively long queues if I run boom-sticks more than a couple times. Often the first match will queue up quick enough, but after two or three matches it sits me in the corner and ignores me. I’ve let the timer run as long as 30 minutes before.

In my experience, the matchmaker does prohibit or restrict me from low PS matches, and even from using certain gear…unless I want to sit in 5 minute to half-hour long queues all night.

Is it a bug? I don’t think so. Maybe. IDK. I’ve come to believe the matchmaker simply works better when and where the player population is much higher. It appears to me that it is choosing very specific parameters for the matches, that are much more involved than simply lining up similar Power-Scores, and it’s not finding what it’s looking for often. That’s what I think. At PS 9K, it’s got more options, maybe. The queues there are only seconds long for me, typically.

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I have a build that will frequently give a 6k PS spread from my build to the top build, and 3k from mine to the next lowest. It doesn’t do it EVERY time I play that build, but it’s about 2/3 WAY out of balance. Oddly, about 1/10 of the matches, I’ll be the strongest by a slight margin.

It clocks in at 9443 with quad fused sledgehammers… I posted a screenshot of it yesterday in the unscientific balance survey thread showing the top guy with a 15174 PS build as MVP and me at #3. It’s not rare for me to get MVP with it. I’m not bragging. I suck. LOL… just guessing at explanations. I figure they have some method of figuring out I do pretty well with Sledgehammers, so to keep me from “seal clubbing” (as though you could seal club with rare parts), they match me against stronger rigs.

Honestly, after I thought about it for a while, I don’t mind that at all.

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I saw a guy’s screenshot(s) of something like that he posted just before he quit…well, he disappeared from the forum after an angry thread about it, anyway. Maybe he still plays. IDK. He was consistently playing at extreme PS disadvantages, like you’re presenting, and I think it was pretty evident that the reason for it was that he was always getting MVP. He consistently and grossly won those matches…which makes me wonder why he didn’t share your attitude about it. He was winning, after all. That shouldn’t be terribly upsetting, right? I don’t win like that.

I think what he was mostly pissed about was the argument of an enforced 50%-50% win/loss being made, when that’s a red herring, and not where the fix is at all. I do think that’s the intended result, though; “a fair and balanced gaming experience.” It’s a wonky system, like all our systems, I think, and it doesn’t function at 100%, even under optimal conditions. If it did, it would be the only system we’ve ever invented that did.

Regardless of what the parameters the matchmaker actually uses to set up matches are (who really knows? IDK), you can be sure that if it’s supposed to be based on Power-Scores and Engineer’s level, then it’s broken, as evidenced by your screenshot, that other cat’s, and from what I’ve experienced personally.

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I just posted a longer TLDR about the unbalanced nature of the game. I like that it’s unbalanced… keeps you on your toes.

I’m convinced some people only want a game where they get the constant serotonin hit of victories.

If that’s all they can handle, maybe they should stick to Adventure or Easies. When I’m in that mood, that’s what I do…

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Sounds good. I could go for that, probably…well, in theory. I like serotonin and endorphins, and I can’t get enough, but what I find is that I sort of intentionally, and maybe subconsciously, make things harder for myself. If it seems too easy, painless, and fun, I sort of sabotage myself by raising the bar or difficulty on whatever feat I may have just mastered (look ma, no hands!). Then I’m back to conquering my frustrations again. I’m sort of broken too, I guess.

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You’d probably enjoy reading up on the psychology of video games and how they’re engineered to provide a steady trickle of feel good hormones. It’s especially prevalent in mobile games where women actually far outnumber men (think of games like candy crush).

If that interests you at all, look into the same effect with pornography and men.

In both cases, it can be crippling and lead to functional problems for the people involved.

There are people far smarter and educated than I who firmly believe the drop in birth rates in developed countries is directly related to pornography and chronic masterbation (among many other things). It’s not that it causes ED , but it lessens a man’s ability to be aroused by real women or even bother pursuing them… And if you’re not a crushed pixelated piece of candy, they may not want you to pursue them anyhow.

More complex games like Crossout can’t chase the feel good hormone train like simple mobile games can. Men are statistically more conscientious than women, so we like solving problems… Physical problems, especially. So our games are more complex. The serotonin/endorphin train is still here and manipulating us, it just has to be a bit more clever to do so.

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I do find psychology interesting. Particularly the belligerent and hostile kind that make up advertising, politics, and sociology. Mobs are frkn weird, for example. The colors and subtexts of commercials is another. I studied some of that in school, and it probably ruined my life experience as an American.

The US is saturated with premium media, and it’s all cultivated to maximum potency. They can sell anything to us at this point, I think. Literally, anything.

But, can the Russian Nerdmageddon Underground sell me a Premium Subscription to this game at a 60% discount?

IDK. Probably not, but later on, I might wish I did…greener grass and all that. I feel like spending, but nothing’s inspiring enough at the moment. For me, Crosscrowns is one step too many. It feels like they are making me wash my money before I give it to them. This spoiled American can’t be bothered, I guess. IDK. I loose interest in the purchase the moment I see them.

In-game currency and the psych behind that is fascinating, too… it’s an effort to make you forget you’re spending REAL money in the game. They’re only CrossCrowns, after all, not real money. They also trap money in the game. You’ll notice there isn’t and never will be a direct penny to penny transaction in the game where you can spend exactly $1 on crosscrowns to buy exactly $1 worth of in-game goods.


This “bracket” seems to be quite large. I play from 4.1k to 15.9k builds. The ones that are in the 9’s seem to go up to about 13.5 (ish) and as low as 7k.

Not sure if that is “broken” or it is “working as intended for que times”.

Most pvp games have a MM that does this. It is not new and it is an Industry standard, just like Race games have built in Yo-Yo’ing to make it “feel like a race”.

I am not defending nor attacking XO’s MM, just stating that is how most work for “general unranked pvp”.

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I will wash your money any time you need it. :joy: