38 Days


38 days left, and I still haven’t bought the Battle Pass.

  • Buy it. There’s lots of cool stuff in there, and besides, you need the Hummingbirds for your airship.
  • Ignore it. It’s not worth it, and you don’t want more legendary gear you aren’t going to use, anyway.
  • Buy it. Learn how to use the legendary gear. They won’t nerf it. Honest. It’ll be fun.
  • Ignore it. This game runs like crap half the time, and it isn’t worth the $9.99.
  • Buy it. You need the duck…we needs it (my precious).

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Now you can join the voices in my head too.

I’ll always be advocating for not giving them money, but at the end of the day it’s up to individuals to weigh up their decisions.

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I often wait till the last week before deciding unless there’s something I really want to mess around with.

If you like the heli game play, the propellers are probably the best out of it.

The dove I haven’t figured a good way to make use of outside of having 2 of them. 7en is a wonkey amount for it. I’m sure there is a combo that will work for it. It’s just not on my to do list right now.

The autocannon is kind of nice. I’ll be picking up a second one. Might mess with it for raids.

The anti missile thing will make good armor even if you don’t use it as intended.

The cab is kind of neat though I don’t like the cooldown for the perk. Would be nicer if it was distance based rather than time alone. It also looks cool.

I’ll skip voting for now though.

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Me too.

I found a great use for it on my monkey build. Mounted right where his butt is, when he’s being chased, he takes a dump and when the aggressor “steps” in it, baboom!

I use it on anthopromorphic bedlam builds as a popcorn launcher.


I spent all the money I will spend with this developer unless there are several balance patches in a row.

Only thing cool in the BP is the duck imo. The rest of the stuff is garbage.

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Reasons you should get it:

  • rotors, airships, flying insect builds
  • flock is a fun way of countering homing missiles, and it’s low tech compared to cloaks or Argus.
  • cabin is fast and not sci fi. Plus the perk makes some no-generator builds more viable, so you could keep your PS lower. Perk is also a good anti-melee tool.
  • dove on a helicopter is devastating to ground builds. I know you’ve enjoyed raining grenades on bots in patrol: this is like that but on steroids. You can also use it on ground builds like a King, but it drops a cluster of mines. Using it that way is also a good anti-melee approach.
  • AC isn’t super strong, but it’s also not as bad as some are saying. It looks and sounds cool, and is good at suppressing fire. Perk helps it decloak incoming dogs. Wouldn’t be surprised if it gets buffed.
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Those are actually pretty cool. I almost bought some eyes just to make one.


The ravenger eye pods…


Damn it, now I feel like I need some.

I saw a few bug builds with them and they just look around automatically which is cool.

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I thought the Tempest or Whirls made good eyes for bug builds.


There’s some humming bird ones that are really good check for those if you’re on.

I think I’m going to make a flying spider that I can do all my daily weapon challenges with. I’ll probably just set it up so I can easily swap weapons and reload/cooling modules.
Not sure how I’m going to make shotguns work, but maybe gremlins?
Cabin could be omnibox, since it buffs both reload and cooling, but Huginn would probably work well too.

I haven’t checked in a while but you use to be able to just get away with attaching a weapon of the correct type for the daily regardless if you do much damage with it.

If that doesn’t work Parser can be fired at range.

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That still works, and I have made challenge builds that just had one of each weapon type. They weren’t good, but good enough for doing the dailies in patrol.
Parser could be a good option for shotguns. I might try ghost as the cabin, see how recent buffs have worked out. It’s got a nice insect look.

When doing it you have to make sure your lowering your overall PS to compensate. So if your trading off a machine gun you want to go with a few rarities lower on the shotgun. That’s the only way you can really get away with the DPS loss. The over all build should be at one of those near crossover spots between two brackets.

Do you want a duck that bad? Cause, what will you get?

Weapons you won’t get a full set
Parts, do you see anything that might interest you?

Maybe go for the workpieces and blueprints, coins ? Only thing that’s worth it.

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You get enough ball bearings to make additional fused items for ones you need a set of, plus giving you the ability to craft more unfused ones.

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