3D model viewer or downloader

does anyone know how to download the 3D model of one’s own vehicle ,if there isn’t a way I would like to propose the devs to give a place where we can view and download our own vehicle models as stfl or any other 3D file it would be really helpful . if this was a website it would be really Great and this can also promote the game if we could view our cars on the website

i imagine the closest to doing that would be an external 3d scan of your car

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Ask on reddit there’s a few players that mess with files to do miniatures: https://www.reddit.com/r/Crossout/comments/15ac30g/next_diorama_in_progress_24_models_ready_to_print/

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If your vehicle is popular, pre-designed 3D models may be available online on 3D modeling or file sharing sites.

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