40 Day Hurricans for everyone!

that’s my 2 cents for this brawl.

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We need more homing missiles in general, the game only has 2
The flute doesn’t count

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There is the Nest also. I tried it in this mode, and it’s as obnoxious to use as it is on the ground.

They’re so irrelevant I forgot about the nests, so that’s 3, 2 purple and one yellow, yeah I think we need more homing missiles

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No thanks.


I think he’s being facetious, i think.


I sure was being facetious after watching the tantrums about the 50 different homing missiles we have in the game, as one player put it :rofl:

But I also wouldn’t mind if they did add more homing missiles, the tantrums that would happen be funny :rofl: :joy: :sob: :clown_face:


Ooh… imagine it being a stealth hypersonic homing missile you can’t see coming, don’t get an alert for and kills you in one shot! The bedwetting would be insane.

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All I have to say for the is :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :+1:

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More homing missiles? are you drunk? O_o

I have a pyre build that I made for this mode.

But after I made a double Reaper build I stopped playing the Pyres. I get more points/kills with Reapers.

MGs in general are pretty good.

Missiles are not the dominate build on Xbox. They where the first few days, but once people learned to fly and aim they started bring in new builds pretty fast.

I guess the PC guys can’t fly and aim?

I can’t aim anything except cannons to save my life. part of my condition but that’s me.


I’m the exact opposite. I can aim everything BUT cannons! LOL


Yeah, I want a relic missile launcher that launches a barrage of 40 missiles that is heat tracking so the cloak won’t unlock them, so when/if I see you in battle I can one-shot you and blare my fart horn too!


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If devs did that then Wayne Brady gonna choke a b…

Thanks for the hint. I was slow to catch on.

People do like their missiles.

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well… or i fly or i shoot, i don’t want to do both things at the same time.
i like it more 2D.
As is.
I mainly using hawks on this brawl and they do good most of the times, the problem really isn’t Pyres and stuff, the problem is when there are other ground builds, but when i fall back to my ground builds with what i use more i don’t catch nothing and i’m in this dilemma.
MM pranking me?

I can fly and aim just fine, I can even do barrel rolls and shoot :stuck_out_tongue:

I spent copious amounts of time practicing in the test drive area… fairly well mastered flying, but it’s NOT intuitive at all. The inability to really strafe or look left/right/behind without TURNING in that direction… It’s a mess on PC. If you’re in a dogfight, good luck ever finding who it is that’s behind you if they have even a small amount of skill. That being said, if you slide in behind another player & you have guns of any type, you’ll knock 'em out of the sky.

This is why I just play whatever weapon I feel like.

As soon as I learned to fly (besides obvious weapons that just don’t work well in this mode) I started to get about the same amount of points or kills as I did with almost any weapon.

Rolling and shooting pyres is not my idea of a good time, so even if I did get a little less points, I would rather use a weapon that aims.

I do own both a full fused set of Pyres and Double fused Hurricanes, I just choose not to be “That Guy” :slight_smile:

To each his own though, I did play a pyre build for awhile and don’t have any problems with anyone else playing them.

Smokem if you got ‘em