5 man bands can MAX all rewards in Confrontation Mode

5 people can max out the 100k points needed for Legendary League.

We are getting closer to finding out what max scores look like.

I’ll leave you with the below screenshot, it is not yet 20k, but it does show it is achievable. Only need to raise a few scores and this would hit over 20k


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This is kinda a stupid take. While I think the new system is probably fine overall, pretending it is reasonable for 5 people to max is disingenuous.


I never claimed it was “reasonable” - but it is “possible”.

We where talking about max points the other day and no one was sure if it was possible for 5 people to unlock Legendary.

So if the question is:
“Is it possible for a 5 man band to unlock Legendary League and get all the badge rewards?”

Im saying that answer is “Yes, it is possible.”

eeh, call me when its doable in the vicinity of an artificially confined body of fresh water

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It already is my friend.

im not your friend, buddy!

Where I’m from, people don’t brag about how pampered they are. I think it’s weird, but whatever.


Yeah, comes across as seal clubbers bragging about how they one-sidedly beat up some rando solo player teams. Classy.

When you boil it down this Confront mode is essentially sanctioned seal clubbing:

Team A: mic’d up experienced clanners running fused, optimized rigs
Tean B: random solo players running mish mash cars communicating via text or map markers.

It’s only when A meets A or B meets B that meaningful data is produced.


On PC I do not get scores like that at all despite hard carrying teams as a solo.

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What’s the point? It unlocks challenges that require 10, better 20 active players to complete.

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I’m passing along information, thank you.

These look like Levi driver clan wars scores to me. Is this your screen shot @60915652 ?

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Once I figure out all the high end ranges and how to get these types of scores I will post a small guide on it when I have time.

I also plan to make some budget builds and post them on Xbox. The budget builds may not be able to get these scores but they will get higher then people are currently getting.

Also this type of score requires at least a band of 4 players that are willing to spend an hour aweek playing with each other.

Correct, even a team with blues/whites can achieve scores that are higher then the ones they get in normal confrontation even if they lose the match.

They will not be as high as these scores but they will be substantially higher then they can achieve with the gear/skills they have in 4vs4 confrontation mode.

I want to take some time and build a “budget” Levi for teams to download on Xbox.

They can take turns being the Levi. Even if they lose their points will be higher then most of their confrontation scores.

Every now and then I toss up a non-relic Levi, it gets a decent amount of attention. Shows there are players out there that want to play Levis even though they don’t have relics.

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You don’t even need an interest to use it to farm points.

  1. download a budget Levi
  2. stay back in defense with your 3 team mates
  3. let the AI take over while your buddies “try” to fight
  4. die in a ball of flames, BUT earn more points then “they” can in confrontation or CWs

Then after you get 5 scores you let a buddy load up the same design and do it again.

Also… who knows, you might win :wink: but it don’t mater if you do - your just farming points.

Also even a budget Levi can score massive amounts of “Activity” points.

Levi’s pretty much mess up any chance of any mode in XO being any version of competitive. The system is to easy to basically “cheat” points.

4227 points? I’m afraid that even the four guys from the opposition combined aren’t worth that many points.:joy:

So that’s it.

Sorry but in my Labor Day weekend beer haze I kinda read it wrong, possibly, maybe.

Still trying to figure out how the rating rates you.

They definitely aren’t without meta builds or extremely skilled players. Additionally I assume the devs have been reducing the point pools awarded in battles because I am getting less and less points despite being a consistent MVP with. I was getting 2500 point games and now I’m averaging 1500 at best, and when I do get a 2200 point game its not even counted. Targem is bullshitting me hard.

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