5 year on hovermeta..and still is!

i dont know if someone know some devs…tell them that game its cringe
…i played for years and everytime i unistall this for only 2 reason.
-hover op
-scorpion op
and you still didnt fix nothing…now i say this…i hope this game close soon and hope they fail…maybe after i can play
this in a retro server without this shit.


Good bye. is all I can say.


how is scorpion op? its a snipers weapon and used for long range. the only way scorpion is broken is in pve and raids, the shots go right through your entire build.

Wait, have hovers been ruined, or are they OP now?
Both things can’t be true.


This is Crossout forum, expect insanity!

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They go 95kmh in 1 second… go figure.

From the bit of CW streams i’ve seen, there were no wheel builds anymore, other than some of the leviathans.

cry that the hower op. you’re just an idiot who can’t play anything in this game.

You will surely spend money on the game to have a relic weapon!

The game needs people to spend money on it to keep it running xD
Though the devs focus a bit too much on the making money aspect!