50% bot lobbies just ruins my experience playing this game

Title really, the game is always fun until you get back to back 50% bot lobbies where you sit shooting bots for ages. Or get across map shot out of cloak, slow bots beat fast bots that suicide… bots fall of the map.

I’m tired of having to prioritize bots in a pvp game, any other game with 50% bots would a complete failure of a game.

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Honestly these days all that this game is, is just bots and groups and forced modes like helis or confrontation, and passes up the anus trying to force people to play and sink money into the game while the devs just fling dumb, poorly thought out, mostly theatrical changes and updates, that genuinely do not do much anything to genuinely try to make the game more better, at the wall like it was poopoo just to see what sticks

Regular pvp combat hasn’t been fun ever since the armor changes and penetration, or actually after supercharged even.

Only time I have genuine fun with this game these days is when something outside the ordinary is happening (crossout day, april fools droneapocalypse event and so on)

Like the oncoming energy change, sounds huge but honestly instead of using 16 energy for a basic imp meta build, you now use 32 energy for a basic imp meta build, maybe run 1 more or less radiator or cooler, or switch the rarity of the module you’re running. Huge show about changing so little

i love matches that are at the very least 4v4 and 2 bots each… the difference between 2 bots and 2 bots per team (console being 6v6) is actually so big it’s crazy

They’re desperately trying to save the game. I say this based on the newer parts being pretty cool (pun intended), requested some time ago and actually somewhat balanced, plus the reducing upgrade cost events (two back to back, I think. Cabin then modules).

Side note based on above comment: your request for new parts might be considered at Targem right now, but it takes FOREVER to code/texture/refine.

Bumping this so that Lexi can find it easier instead of spamming new threads every few days.

Oof poony. You have you coffee yet? That was lowkey savage. Man drives an art build, its kinda an amplified problem for him.

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lol, I guess I am being a little harsh.

There are basically three things that I will go after people for on this forum, and all of them are to do with me wanting the forum to be useful.

  • I will always mock people for spamming multiple versions of the same thread. It clogs up the main page and makes info hard to find, not to mention bumping more interesting threads off the main page.
  • I will also argue if people insist on making huge exaggerations in their posts, because it fills up the forum with inaccurate info that some readers might mistake for reality
  • and finally, I will always mock and belittle anyone posting neo-Nazi propaganda, because allowing that stuff is one of the fastest ways to kill a forum and drive off everyone who actually has a brain. I have been doing that less though, as it often gets me suspended. Easier to just report the most egregious posts.

But to be fair, I also drive art builds and know the pain of getting hit early in a match by a cannon bot from across the map. The difference is, I learned how to deal with that years ago, so I am puzzled why Lexi hasn’t. Maybe they need to spend more time in patrol to get the hang of fighting bots?

I like playing bots I just wish they had more updates to they’re behavior. Ploughing thru hoards of lined up sitting duck bots with porcupines is very satisfying but it has just gotten a little stale of playing the same bots for years, they just need new types of bots added to freshen it up a little.

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I have a playstyle of quick stealth, dodging and evading fire. A style that relies heavily on quick thinking and reaction times. To then have to fight perfectly programmed aimbots is absurd.

People “don’t have a problem with bots” because I don’t think people actually make plays in this game, they sit back nice and safe, they play super safe and boring…

Yeah that’s the least problematic thing that bots do, the shots you can literally see coming directly in front of you. The bots ruin any kind of tactical play by having a perfect aimbot and map awareness

Maybe you should spend more time outside of spawn and get the hang of fighting, period.

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I am definitely not a spawn camper, and I think you know that.
I would probably be a much better player if I were willing to hang back, but what’s the point of a fast car if you’re going to park all match?

This is why I am so confused by your rage about this issue: you are a much more skilled player than me, but even though our builds have similar weaknesses you seem to have more of an issue with bots than I do. For me, players are usually the ones killing me.

The one difference I can see that might explain it is that I am a lot less fond of cloak than you. I often won’t use one, unless I’m playing a close range build or a long range sniper. Maybe because of that, I’ve had to become a lot more aware of bot behaviour and abilities?

Anyway, on a somewhat related note, does anyone else feel like they are still working out some issues with crossplay? When it first launched, I was actually seeing more bots in matches for a few days. Then for a few days queue times were at least twice as long as normal. This week queue times were good, there were much fewer bots, but I’m playing in games with mostly XBOX players, whereas when it first launched I was seeing mostly PlayStation people with a small handful of XBOX players.

I am happy that my last session had a lot of no-bot matches, but I hope that they iron out whatever bugs they are facing and manage to get us to a point where no-bot matches are more the norm.

I agree that matches would be better with no bots, but for me it’s because bots are too easy and predictable, not because they keep killing me.

Literally had a couple games… one showcasing exactly my point about them ruining matches.

In this match it’s going just fine until a stray bot with perfect aimbot just kllls me in 2 shots, I was about to quit after the first shot off a gun, then it pulled another perfect cab aimbot shot to kill me anyway. The bot was their teams MVP at 12k.

Any player would keep on following the enemy right next to them here on the radar here, right?


If this red arrow was a player then it would keep on fighting that other player. But instead of this it loses “lock” on them due to either LOS or cloak or something else.

I come out of cloak and the bot (which I don’t know is a bot, I assume it’s a player because I’m in pvp and I’ve been fighting around all match) locks me through a tiny gap, and of course stays locked even though I lose LOS here…

I had just came out of cloak where it wouldn’t have locked me.

Then it aimbots me through the geyser which of course a player couldn’t see though, you can barely see anything as it is.

Here’s the video, just stupid that I even have to play around such a situation being possible.

In what world do you play a pvp game and have to think “better not go that way, they have an aimbot over there”… it’s just backwards…

THOSE BOTS HAVE AIM OF THE GODS … when in a heli never swoop down … and those cannons blimey


Seems like a lot of people agree, and if people don’t think they ruin the experience then surely changing the bots won’t matter to those people anyway.

Would be a win win

you see thats why your social media behaviour isnt healthy. its just barely half of people agreeing with you, while all the presumably many accounts you blocked cant even see the post, let alone vote.

yet youre confident enough to ignore almost half the votes against you, even after you rigged the vote itself.

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