6 players on xbox worked well, should be on PC

I can’t speak about Play Station, but after playing a month on PC, I don’t understand why there are still 8 player teams.

I mean, most games on PC are 4 players and 4 bots on a team. Why did they not extend this change to PC?

It would make sense to have the same team amounts if they are ever going to go cross platform.

Xbox most PS levels have 5 or 6 players on each team. (usually 5).
Surely PC has the population to make this change? Or is there other factors I am not thinking of?

Note: I am playing ~5k-7k ps. Mostly 5 ish.

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4 bots/team? if you play 3k PS during the week at dead hours >.>

I’d prefer if Targem could fix their terrible player retention rate instead of wrecking the game for all of us who still bother paying their bills out of masochism.


HAH. I laughed.

I play at different hours. Except if the Seahawks are playing. I don’t play XO then. Keep in mind I am speaking generally, not absolutes.

I thought I had posted that I have been playing 5k ish. I will edit it.

Something I COULD get behind, is separating maps by size. Some smaller maps could be played 7v7 or 6v6 occasionally, IF IT MEANS zero bots.

But honestly it’d just fuck everybody’s stats again and mess with the balance of some weaps for no good reason, considering we do have a decent pop here.

what stats would change?

kdr is invalid again, score and badges come slower which means slower grind.

The only part of KD that matters won’t change. People that have exceptionally low KD’s will still have exceptionally low KD’s. You can’t fake a super low K/D. You can fake a high K/D though.
Score and badges come at the exact same rate as before. (at least on xbox, not speaking about Play station). Rewards are the same.

The only difference is it is 6 players on each side, sometimes its 5 +1 bot. Upper brackets are full 6v6 nearly always. (except you know, the first couple games as you rotate into the ‘matrix’ of the MM) you might get 2 bots.

Dont do that

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DW Since Targem started fucking up again my Steam account is filling up with tons of old, great games for 1€ again lol.

What 60€ is worth for Targem: a quarter of a endgame build
What 60€ is worth on Steam: 60 top-tier, time-proven video games with no shenanigans

What kind of games you can buy for 1€?

Think I got… Lemme open Steam.

Pretty sure I grabbed Deus Ex, Fallout, Fallout 2, Half-Life, HL2, the 4 add-ons, Heretic, Hexen and its add-on, probably Jagged Alliance 2 (best tactical RPG ever if you’re into that stuff), Quake, Q2, Q3 and all the add-ons, SiN, Red Faction, Earth 2140, 2150, its sequels, and 2160; and Turok: DH for like, 1.5€ average? Some below 1€, most below 2€.

I just fill my wish list to the brim with oldies and wait for those 80% promo week-ends on big ass packs. Lots of those I could have just DLed in abandonware, and fiddled for ages trying to make them work. The Steam versions are fiddly enough, I keep looking for fan patches (Q2 with no OST because copyrights? REALLY?).

I played some of these games when I was younger ,I think I still have Half life and Quake III arena on the old cd somewhere, but these games are 25yrs old ,didnt expected you have to pay for such old games. Good for bringing memories but I preffer something new, actually grinding MWII.

6 vs 8

Depends on the time of day… If I’m playing off hours - which I do frequently - it’ll be 4 humans vs 4 humans with bots… If I play during prime hours, it’s 8v8 humans only. :man_shrugging:

I still have my disk and original Xbox to play it on.

yeah. since I posted this… its been all 8v8 or 7v7 with 1 bot on each side.

Maybe I was just on an oddball sleeping/login schedule this month.

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Surely you mean Turok Evolution? ^_- Dinosaur Hunter and Seed of Evil were N64 exclusive from what I remember.

Please bring back 8vs8 for Xbox.

When I play later in the day at 14k+ a good amount of the time we do not have any bots.

I can’t speak for the rest of the day or PS levels, but 6vs6 sucks.

oh. yeah, i have n64 also, but it doesn’t work. Xbox still works. And its a demo not the full game after I looked :frowning:

I rarely have more than one bot in a game at any ps other than under 5k. I play all different hours, insomniac.

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Do you have me friended on Xbox? Add me if you don’t. I have a zero at the end of my name.