6vs8, 7vs8?

The game balance in this game has been broken for years, and now targem has also broken the matchmaking servers.
We want a fair fight, not 6vs8 or 7vs8 dammit.


So true! You lose and you see you were shorthanded and feel bad, or you win and feel good until you see the enemy was shorthanded and then you feel bad. Stop making me feel bad!


that guy has a serious balance issue.
I never did that…you know, cause i have to buy things with my own money.

Better Yet, 6 v8 and half your team are the worst Bots they have…while the other team is half clan…I’m on XBL and see the same with 6 v 6 matches…tired of getting ! :poop: on

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Yep the game is going to shit, no wonder the playerbase is leaving, the devs dont listen and give broken gameplay