75% of issues is caused by players, NOT game mechanics

after reading a few threads i simply HAD 2 write this, even knowing i’ll aggro soo much hate (not that i care about that :grin:)

how many times have you seen a “teammate” INTENTIONALLY placing themselves between a cannoneer and an enemy knowing full well they can soak a TRIPPLE executioner shot without suffering damage and block their mates shot just to get more points for themselves. and i don’t talk about melee builds, that have to glue themselves to the enemy. i’m talking about shotgun/mg users that don’t need to get glued…

i myself don’t use cannons much (i’m lousy at shooting them is why :grin:), but i do use pyres, and can’t tell you how many times a re****** tm8 soaked a full 6 shot salvo while being glued to the enemy and shooting mgs at it…and i know there are a lot of players that know what i’m sayin’…

that’s why i believe a “half damage friendly fire” should be implemented (or smt along those lines), at least for AoE weapons…and to prevent others from abusing it, a certain ammount of negative points for friendly fire shots…
i mean, you can damage yourself with your own weapons but not friendlies?!?

that’s why i’ll say it again and again…:

75% of game issues is caused by players and NOT game mechanics!!!

Did you call me?

I’ll do that with drones, as long they don’t shoot my drones i’m fine most of the times, in fact, i’m capable of doing that with all my builds.
nº 1 requirement, they can suck against all builds but cannons, it’s a point of honour.

In a more serious note.
Guess you have a point, but in the other hand, you have several builds competing for that place.
Lancers, rammers, SGs, dogs, melee builds
If you add to that the fog of war, you have your typical crossout game.

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I feel like you ascribe malice where there is only incompetence. Most players have 0 awareness. Many don’t even bring a 0 energy radar because they don’t use them. And to be fair, when you say that an ally is blocking your shot… there is a chance you just decided to attack an enemy already swarmed by 3 allies and yourself did not decide to pick a better target or choose a better position for your shot.


you missed the point m8. ofc if i shot that way it’s my fault…that was not what i ment…

i literally ment when people do that on purpose…

you missed the point as well m8

My point is that, yeah there may be a few horrible players that intentionally block their allies, but I am fairly certain they are a tiny minority. First because you basically gain the same amount of points and ressourses even if an ally kill your target (assist basically give the same amount of points and anyway score has only a minor impact on ressourses gained) and second because most players have more fun destroying enemies. I’ll add that your “solution” would ramp up the toxicity of the game by a lot. You hate having “lost” a shot because of an ally ? You would hate even more taking a friendly mandrake hit to the face because an enemy charged at you.

Again : that MG that could attack from range did not think about you and your cannon. He only thought about killing his target, and at point blank it’s harder to miss. And also ask yourself if it’s really a problem ?
Case one : It’s one of the last enemies. Congratz you won. You basically will gain 60% more ressourses than on a defeat and hitting your shot may increase that amount by 1 sometimes but not garanteed. Nothing to cry about.
Case two : There are more enemies. If one of your allies can reliably facetank that enemy, maybe you should find an other target that does not have a mg in the face and will die soon.
Special case : That mg will not win that fight. Too bad for him, let him die for his stupidity and then kill the enemy when he pushes your ally’s carcass.

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you still don’t get it, but nvm, to each his/her own…
also, i miss more shots w rockets that lend them, so whining about 1 missed shot would be idiotic…
also, i too ain’t always aware of the situation and bump into people…but i don’t do that on purpose…
plus,mine wasn’t a solution as you say, just a thought.

The headline reads: Bad kid who admits to being bad at aiming uses pyres and over-exaggerates enitre game’s problems.

Yea man, how dare people ever stop a fire-and-forget weapon from getting a lazy single button press points! I dont know what the other 25% of the entire game’s problems are, but this 75% needs an immediate hot-fix patch! Right on!

Obviously im trolling. The why is the audacity to cite 75% of the game’s entire problems on you not getting points with pyres.


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again one that doesn’t even try to understand, sigh…
as i said i miss more that hit and that isn’t the point at all…was speakin about teamplay…but nvm, as i said 2 each his/her own…

and just fyi, i do not consider myself a metric for anything…but if people are offended by what i wrote…not my problem at all


In regular PVP? On purpose? Only saw it once and quite recently.
I’m dismissing the times where that happened due to fog of war, tunnelling vision, simple panic, or failed attempts to ram or something like that.
what i saw was in our spawn a build messing up with a fused build while they were trying to connect to each other.
which i found hilarious.

Hey, but it could be worst.
I used to play a game when that kind of thing simply doesn’t happen, quite the opposite.

Again, regarding friendly fire game.
Ask this Tirpitz player if he liked to be sunk by this “snowflake” that did a perfect drop against him

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hahaha, nice example…

also one of the things i ment with this thread is…

when ppl get wrecked they’re very quick to scream “nerf this, nerf that”, but when it’s their build doing the wrecking you rarely (if ever) hear them sayin nerf this it’s too OP…instead, they patt themselves on the back for having found the next exploitable thing…

also, you often see ppl insult/critisize the team when they lose, but rarely (if ever) themselves for doing the same…

that is mostly what i ment with 75%…and the number was written just to signify a greater majority, not an actual fact…


“It’s not the game’s fault, it’s players”
Instantly points out why the rules make it possible and a simple rule to fix it

I am confused. I agree with your suggestion tho :joy:

Ok I may not understand your point but I am 100% sure that if friendly fire was a thing you would be the first to complain. Because as you propose it, when your allies happen to cut your line of fire (and they will… A LOT) you will lose points for doing friendly fire on top of losing your shot and probably receiving flaming from you allies for using a weapon that will do a LOT of friendly fire (because what i gather from your playstyle, you stay far from the frontline, lock an enemy and shoot guided rockets… the chance an ally ends up in their path during their fairly long flight is not zero).

You said people would get offended and angry is the original post… people are. This community is pretty predictable.

you can find very often, people who do that, end up in the bottom half of the scoreboard at the end.
Most probably they are only venting the frustration of whatever mistake they did that got them killed in the first place on top of others.
However, some are quite persistent sometimes

What triggers me sometimes is people that go in the chat saying for the guy in their team to SD, worry up, die already.
They had their opportunity and for whatever reason they blew it.
remain quiet and watch, let the surviving members of their team play and finish the game.
There’s no reason to ruin the enjoyment of others.

That’s what gets me the most.

not a part of this thread, but i’d really love to know what people think about this…

there’s always that one player who drives into the middle of enemies and dies(thats the one that complians)
and they go in and not tell us and expect backup, 'yup i’m a mind reader.(i always say to myself ‘wtf are they doing?’)
sometimes it’s the game/shoot all you want and no parts fall off type of thing.
'i been in a few matches today where 1 person went to the other side of map before the long range spiders on our team could get into position ‘on bridge map’ lol
yup he died surrounded by the enemy.do they not know we have 5 minutes to play?

players just like being close kissing each other :rofl: :rofl:

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