850 or more points cannon edition

Can we get rid of the challenge where we have to earn 850 or more points in a battle with cannons 5 times? On any other weapon (Machinegun, autocannon, shotgun) this is very much doable, but no matter what PS I go into cannons are just too slow to rake up points compared to mostly everything else, outside the guns nobody uses to begin with.

Other builds rake up the points way faster than you can even drag your cannon build anywhere, let alone shoot at enemies. Even at 7 assists you’re looking at something like 800 points maximum simply because you can’t strip weapons, parts and modules as efficiently as say for example miniguns. You can’t finish off enemies because you’re reloading slowly and some minigun build rakes up the points for a kill. Even on an “agile” hover build all there needs to be is 1-2 other hover builds with better weapons and they’ll rake up all the points while you can’t realistically compete for said points out of the sluggishness of your weapons.

I’ve tried everything from hovers to omni to facehugging brick turret cannon builds to plasma cannons and all suffer from the simple problem of no matter how sweaty you try to play with them, you are just too slow to gather points compared to the very common faster weapons and builds and don’t generally deal enough damage per shot to rake up any points either, even if you get a few lucky module and ammo pops.

850 is just too high for cannons

it can really seem like that at times. when i get into a match with a full room of players with pve bots the bots just die so fast, people are so damn hungry for kills that they ram enemies out of the way of my shots constantly and im only scoring maybe 2 - 300 points at most.
i use a mastodon and a mammoth for my cannons and sometimes i can score enough. if you have a hadron with 2 fatmans and a king then you can fire stupidly fast. even faster if they are all fused for reload. i had tried that setup and holy crap my fatman was firing so fast that 50 ammo didnt even last a minute :rofl:

my setup is mastodon, mammoth, trombone, flywheel, cohort. i fire the mastodon charged shot, then the trombone then mammoth shot, rinse and repeat. or to mis it up i fire the trombone first, then double mastodon shot then mammoth. its huge damage but the thing is, you score more points if you land the finishing blow. and it takes 2 or 3 of them to get you the points. i tend to aim for the easy to take out bots. the ones on legs which are slow and predictable. take out the bots that people arent dog piling on, cause it gets quite irritating when people constantly ram bots out of your like of fire and whatnot just to steal points.

the challenge IS doable but i think you might need a high level cannon to do them.

I hate to be a bonehead, but what if we don’t have the Great and powerful Oz Weapons?.. I have to agree with the author…

I did it this way, and I know it’s stupid… but use a build you know that earns points and drop a stupid cannon on it. Thats what I did.

Just because it says “Earn 99999 points using cannons” does not mean that Cannons have to be the main weapon, or get the kills. Just make sure you score points with the cannon…

your way will work as well. im pretty sure that itll work so long as you have at least A cannon on your build.
even a low level cannon would work. heh i forgot about that way to. thanks for the reminder.
i just used my high level cannons which is why i only thought of that way.
… i also had a brain fart forgetting that that way you mentioned was doable to :rofl:

You need a fast cannon build to do it well unless you have really good aim. It’s do-able though. I think it’s actually a good challenge to have though. At most I’d drop the target rate maybe by 200 if I was going to make it easier.

I demolish most of my basic challenges with this simple and cheap build.

I do it in patrol. Almost every time I take this build out it levels up somthing, from the BP to any one of the weapons challenges…other than shotguns.

I just do them all at the same time, which is what I just finished doing. I got left with some shot-gun challenges, but I can do those in PVP, and I’ve got a good PVP-shot-gun build for that. That’s what I plan on doing later on tonight.

It didn’t take long. 30 minutes? I damn near brought both BPs up to date, and wiped a ton of the regular challenges off the slate.

It’s got a cheap cannon, AC, and MG on the side, with some kind of reload module in the trunk.

I hardly ever mix weapons unless it’s a laser or a rocket. Upgraded judges are still one of the easiest ways to do the cannon challenge.

I almost never do either, but it really works for cutting through the challenges in patrol. In fact I wasn’t sure it would work so well, just needed to blaze through challenges, and gave it a swing. It MVPS a lot…in Patrol.

My line up for dailies is kind of odd but it works for me I do two to three different power scores for them. When I switch it’s mostly because I don’t want to see the same players in the next match and it saves me waiting time.