A big thank you to the devs, for preventing crafting recipes from being leaked..oh...wait

Screenshots taken 6 hours after start of new mini season.

as reminder



Not the first time, not the last one. Leaks wound’t matter that much if parts were craftable by everyone, but these kinds of blueprints are really messed up. I get devs want to players to waste their storage value but maaan, it’s too messed up and transform our game into pay to win

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The game is really doing well huh? :thinking: :vulcan_salute:

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So this is why the Athena didn’t get nerfed properly, hahahahah oh man, too predictable.

It’s going to be very hard for me to resist selling some of those ingredient items.

Seems stocking up on 15 Acaris was the move indeed. Cha-ching!



The biggest winner I’ve seen in this current scarcity battlepass system is my buddy who ratholed 60,000 engraved casings at cheap prices. My other buddy had 20,000 of them stored. I told them not to craft casings directly but to craft 50 or so Gerrida legs and then sell them north of 2000 coins each. Not sure they listened but they are both much richer regardless.

I’ve ratholed 8 extra Gerridas and 2 extra Pegasus from the BP. Gerridas are already almost 2000 coins on Xbox. I will wait until after December before I even think about selling them.

I had posted about this last night. Not so much blaming leaks but just the use of 3 pack items.