A bit of love for the crossbow

i like playing my toadfish but they underperform most of the time for one good reason, they get degunned by machinegun in a blink of a eye everytime i encounter them. the hitbox is big and hard to hide.
my idea is to add “bullet pass through” perk like 30% to crossbow in general.
that way they gonna resist more to MG and not being more resistant to other weapon and it make sense cause the crossbow are “skeletical”

and a little bonus… reduce the delay between the 2 arrows to be easier to shot fast target


I like it!

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Toadfish seems to be the only crossbow I see performing at all, outside a few rare Varuns and Phoenix

Spike seems to be deadly in the hands of bots but don’t see it being used much, nor really any of the crossbows outside the toadfish. They are really good at hover denial and spin them right round all the time.

I think all crossbows need more or less love, some more than others but Spike became near worthless after loosing most of it’s impulse, Varuns require internet connection 2stable4me to properly play and use an old firing mechanic they removed from all plasma emitters, and then made it a finger workout which leads to most playersusing sciprts macros or whatever, leading to it getting nerfed and changed to the point that “regular” players will struggle way more than the gun is worth and Phoenix bolts are just too easy to shoot off by accident by the overabundance of shotguns, machineguns, miniguns, rapid fire machineguns and autocannons that you find in every match

The least they could do is add a codriver for crossbows with a fw perks for this crossbow, a few for that, and some universal buff like extra impulse or whatever, and just make Varuns work like plasma emitters where you just hold the button to fire repeatedly, even if they have to rework or remove the perk


I would even be happy with a crossbow cabin. Manitou has been a nice way of buffing revolvers, so no reason why they couldn’t come up with other cabins for underused weapon groups.

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Yeah, a crossbow cabin would be very cool

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Toadfish is a great sniper weapon, but you need doppler or maxwell so u can see long range where the enemies are, also you don’t need much hp so make a glass cannon build as low powerscore as possible to get maximum impulse bonus on those lighter cars.

My ideal list of crossbow changes would probably be
-turn Varun fully automatic nobody likes playing this as it is and you already nerfed and changed it left and right because players are using scripts and whatnot to get around your finger workout
-give crossbows a cabin specifically made for crossbows in some form or way but please don’t make the perk wonky, like Manitou and revolvers
-make a codriver for crossbows

Phoenix, Spike and Toadfish feel all in all fine enough to not specifically buff each individual weapon, especially if a codriver or a cabin were to appear, but I would not be against it either