A brilliant example on how to give incentive for players to play

Dear devs.
you might be busy working on new space weapons which is nice , but why do you not address the main problem of this game , being the reward system:
-Players have no incentive to perform in PVP , because getting 40xp or 4000xp will give essentially the same reward , not even mentionning the fact that “”""“players”""" you re with could not find their butts in their pants, making win or lose the flip of a coin.
-Making some brawls with a reward so laughable that after you will come complain that no one actually plays them. giving 5 batteries for a win in a 5 minutes brawls is the closest as an insult you could get.

My suggestion to players :
W into enemy team , get 40 xp , Sd and alt tab to a wonderful documentary channel on youtube. you will get the same reward and end up maybe more knowledgeable on the reproduction of Burmese sea snails.
Alternatively you can , provided you have friends , play a 4/4 party in which you will stomp randoms , and will never get matched against actual players or teams , which i m really thankfull to the devs for , makes my evenings enjoyable at least.

Conclusion : making this kind of communist system , where only mediocrity is rewarded , and stating in your last QnA from yesterday that your analytics are alledgedly biased towards skilled players performing with skill based weapons ,leading to nerf said weapons is as retarded as it gets; congrats!

You do realize devs are not present on this forum?

It also depends on whether you win/lose and whether you have fuel tanks on you vehicle.

I got 4 wires and 15 fuel more.

That one is the result of small playerbase. I do not understand why some users afraid of acknowledging this small truth.