A dare on ban

Someone just pm me “Dogshit” for using caucs in air battle. I told him I’d report him and he laughed saying nothing will happen to him…
Is this really it? nothing happens to toxic people no matter the effort?
I’ll link the screenshot even if its easy to read logs, I hope someone care enough not to let those type of people think that unprovoked insults is ok.

Screenshot 2023-12-01 080710
Screenshot 2023-12-01 080736
Screenshot 2023-12-01 080755
Screenshot 2023-12-01 080922

Nope absolutely nothing happens to toxic people, and I do not think that reporting does anything in this game, like I run into on PC a guy who does nothing but wedge his own teammates, pin his own teammates to a wall, drive around circles under teammate hovers on purpose, all of that fun stuff, for all of the match, usually at spawn, and when he’s the last one left maybe kills 1 enemy just to have some activity in the match and the guy seems to never be banned so no, I do not think there is a single mod or gm who actually checks any of the reports, even if they would pile up

Toxic people seem to be able to shout insults every match very freely as well, dm stuff left and right, and never be chat-banned or suffer any consequences

the funny thing is the Caucasus isnt even that bad of a weapon. sure its a auto aim weapon and some people think that takes no skill but people used aim bot which takes no skill so they have no room to talk.
that gun can be used in raids and ive used it a few times in past events, hell i even have 2 that are fused. im waiting for a good event to come out so i can use them. i like the Caucasus as a weapon and its a shame some people view it that way. but hey if you get defeated by one then thats on you, not on the enemy being a coward or anything.
i say just ignore people like that man. i got talked crap to as well but i never engage with people. i let my playing do the talking for me. if people do that it just goes to show how pathetic and stupid they are. hell i even get a good laugh out of people for being killed by the stupidest stuff and they rage at people for “being noobs” lol.
there were people who trash talked me before for running fuze drones, trash talked me like i was a noob and the bane of their existence… well i WAS the bane of their existence. not my fault your dumb enough to not pay attention lol. it was always fun to watch my fuzes knock off someones hovers then watch as i get a hate message calling me a noob and to fight with “real weapons” :rofl:

Yeah Caucasus can take surprisingly much skills to use, no matter what some players might think. I have a 3 caucasus build and honestly even with oppressor and everything it really takes a lot to actually kill someone, or someone to purposely think their build can tank 10 seconds of caucasus fire. Honestly they are huge and don’t have that much hp, even on speedy builds they’re easy to shoot off. Even sluggish builds can take advantage of them always aiming for the cabin to position themselves so that the caucasus can’t really do much damage.

And the funny thing is that the only time someone complained to me about running caucasus it was by a cookie cut omamori hammerfall player complaining how it was a super easy weapon to use. Like bro you’re running hammerfalls on an omamori, that’s the most no-brainer build that just hands out victories like nothing.

Another funny instance was when I was trying out Anacondas and an arbiter hover started to complain how I should use weapons that take actual skills to use. Bro you are running an arbiter hover, I’ve played the diet version, equalizer hover, lots of times it takes absolutely no skill beyond hovering your mouse over an enemy and being able to back up if anyone starts coming towards you. Especially on a Nova cabin it turns even less brained of gameplay, if I manage to kill even 1 player with anacondas that’s a miracle right there, let alone 2. You killing 4 people for multiple games is a given, until you get firedogged because nobody had a radar and start to complain about the team not being good

Skill or no-skill weapons still don’t call for inbreed hicks and hormonal miscreants to be so abusive, though 95% if not more wouldn’t have the fortitude to say this to one’s face, yeah reporting does nothing, the excuse they used to use back in the day was you need to provide proof, nowadays that doesn’t fly as most people do provide proof so now it’s clear they don’t give a turd about this abhorrent behavior unless it affects them financially!
That why i got my messages and profile set to private/friends as there are so many glue slurpers running around in this game unchecked

Really it wasn’t the insult that drove me to post this, It was the claim that nothing will happen to him, THAT really vexed me to post this topic.
I really wish the GMs would at least see to the effort and shut people who DARE to get banned.

And this post would not be a proof of the administrative lacking views.

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‘your just arguing with Ghosts’ :ghost:

look at it like a comedy when someone runs their mouth,you have 2 options/don’t reply/ or make fun of them… :crazy_face: :rofl:
'it’s all just text from some unknown human,and that him could be a her.
we all got/get pm’s with many creative insults,so ur not alone. :yum:

’ oh btw,i don’t think dm’s can see pm’s,only can see gen chat or if the gm is on your team they can see the battle chat.

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Sometimes I feel like I should gather a huge wall of cri with screenshots over the usual toxic players who are extremely vocal, but I don’t think that it would be ok to call out players like Theseus10 over being an extra toxic child or how xGothe seems to be unable to play without going full 3-4 man group with his clan buddies and any time you see him going solo he’s just complaining how everyone but him is a noob

But sometimes I really feel like calling out various players by name, like Porkus insert random numbers and Thanasp

This mans got the whole hit list

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More than a hit list, it’s the list of

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Do you ever seen two potatoes collide?

No? Good. Stop wasting your time with that potato.

this kind of temper tantrum should had been repelled by the cuirass of your indifference.

thicker skin, my friend. Don’t have it? Get it.

simple as that.

That snowflake already got more attention than what he deserves.


So, A toxic player meets a toxic player is what this reads like.

OP is toxic in the fact they are using a broken build which has no real counters.

The person that called them out is toxic because of how they responded.

I think both should be banned.


yeah, makes total sense. some actually buildable builds should lead to a ban. gms could go around and arbitrarily flag some builds as “toxic” and ban the players. what a wonderful world!

yet another awesome idea of yours.


your head.

I was making fun of the fact neither the OP or the person harassing them are in the right here, both are types of toxins.

and im telling you how wrong you are on this.

youre hating the player instead of the game!

That is literally what you are to hate though, as a game with a bad mechanic will eventually be fixed. A player who abuses them can’t be.

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A person using caucus in air battles is the most Toxic thing I can think of for that game mode. Worse than missile spammers.


You deserved the hatemail and should blame yourself for using Caucs in heli mode and blame the devs for not balancing the game around skill. I quit heli mode permanently the first time it came around because I cannot beat guys spamming nests or caucs with my joule heli, and you guys completely put an end to the fun heli duels the moment you showed up.

Block and report the guy and blame yourself.