A farewell to the valley

To the traveler that reads this letter held by only a pin of time, Farewell.
While I doubt many know me or any really care, I still wish to say IT was fun to be there.
Watching from the start while lunitics blew each other apart.
To seeing the end where mentor came on the northern wind.

I am no poet but that was my try, to gives a good statement while I say goodbye.
signed the Crazed kobold.

Was fun playing with you guys, sure I doubt many or any will read this but This game helped me for a few years dealing with stress that I do not like to talk about 4 years of crossout four years in this community watching and playing with many unique and colorful faces. Sadly the winds of change are not kind to the valley and this one must find another to call their home.

Was a fun ride while it lasted though, before I go one last image to show.

IF you see me on the way out I might give you some scrap.

Was fun guys, seriously. but with the resent updates and just a loose of drive to play this when robocraft 2 and several other games are vying for attention… some times you have to say goodby to old friends… even if I doubt I made any here.


All that for temporarily reduced farm output. You peoples…

I wouldn’t be here too if there were decent alternatives. But we only have occasional singleplayer walkthrough games this days.
P.S. Fallout 76 is fun game to chill on daily basis too though, and like XO you got chance to see something new each day - unique player made characters and bases they built. No pvp there though, the functional is there, but none wants it anyways. That game actually made me realize how toxic pvp is.

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Whatever that supposed to mean?

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playing 76 after a short bit of burn out is why I am leaving really.

The updates I can weather crossout has done dumber in the past and always fixed it in time. but well PvP just isn’t for me anymore, and crossouts PvE is bad.

With robocraft 2 coming for PvP, 76 being in a good place, MWO getting some heavy traction, and infinite soon to get its PvE… crossout just no longer has a space for me.

Sure I can take the low road and say I am leaving because of “Company do dumb” but that isn’t why I am leaving just one factor in a net of them.

Crossout is still a fun game, just this nobody has played it out. and the only thing left is the worst part of the game in my opinion, and the game is forcing us to it… which I can’t do. It is a me problem not a game problem.


Robocraft 2’s Alpha release makes me think it’ll mop the floor with XO when it finally comes out. It doesn’t look like a kid’s plaything anymore (not that I’m opposed to that). The complexity and freedom you get when building is mind boggling. It’ll take me some time to relearn how to build, but that’s okay. Mirror-mode, logic boards, insane customizations and so much more. And this is only the alpha?

Unlike XO, the developers of that game seem to be able to keep the lights on without abusing and harassing their own players with unwanted updates, nerfs, buffs, new OP weapons, and forced team play.

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Yes it does.
Robo is low effort thing with no graphics, and mwo is just some arcade with barely any pvp and diversity.

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You made up some new weird word and think it’s funny… You know that’s cringe even for school kids. Sheesh. How old are you?

it was cool to see your beautiful blueprint in the gen chat, Warbrand!! im gone too… guess im gonna check forum to see if things change in the way i hope to …
farewell guys! thanks for all

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It sounds like a form of the German word for “idiot.”

Look at Robocraft 2.
Even in Alpha, it looks way better than the original.
Then build with it.
My kids are playing with the alpha release, and it’s lots of fun. It looks more like XO than it did the original Robocraft. I’m not saying it looks like XO. It doesn’t. It’s just a huge leap forward.

You have a human like character that can get in and out of vehicles, looks around when driving, and has a weapon he can use.

Boosters can fire in any direction & be tied to different controls.

Headlights that actually light up the surroundings.

Sissy kicking up behind the vehicles (seems simple, but visually very different than the original).

No more vehicles made up of visible bricks.

You can custom build guns… Turret directions, rotation points, triggers, auto-fire etc…

I imagine the full release is a year out, though.

This is literally advertised as an alpha release.

I liked it, and I do remember you. You should put me on your friends list (DocSavage) and make sure you have a cool car (like the one in the pic) loaded before you go. My DocSavage account still gets visits from Disco (Psyberserker), even though she hasn’t logged on in years. I like the memorial, and the “Farm haunted by ghosts” motif…and I liked your poetry. That build is pretty sweet too.

It’s hard to give up on this game. There’s nothing like it.

Via con dios, amigo.

But I’m sure it’s in their future.

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And their exhibition, too.

Decided to get on today and make a proper farewell vehicle.

An armed version can be found on the PC exhibition called “Wolf hunter” the unarmed version will be seen by anyone who has me as a friend.


Cool post Warbrand.

The reality is that Crossout is just a game. Everyone will get tired of it and uninstall it at some point. If you play for 1000 hours and then grow tired of it, that doesn’t make it a bad game. It just means you are done with it.

You see a lot of people reach the point where they are done and then throw huge fits because Crossout doesn’t make them feel a certain way anymore or they get stuck in a rut or become frustrated about something.

It is refreshing to see someone who views the game for what it is and who leaves with some class. Cool car.

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Now you have to play differently, just do what you like to do, maybe just with the daily challenges, consume the free petrol as long as they give it to you, if then you get bored, as is inevitable, go out and start another game.
Personally i don’t make anymore wire, batteries, just raids and patrol and after that… go to Microsoft flight simulator, goodbye XO.


Have you actually looked at the new robocraft? Robocraft 2?

I think the new one looks and behaves more like crossout than it does the original robocraft. The point where it is the most like the original is in the building process, and that is a good thing. They have kept all the good parts and expanded upon it get a huge way. I’m optimistic. It’s a long way out, though so we will see.