A few experiments

i did a few experiments with the jotun and the incinerator and… my results are… the jotun is just… better.
so the jotun has a bigger “ice puddle” then the incinerator, even with its boost of 5% larger puddle radius its just not as good as the jotun. on top of this the incinerators minimum hit distance on a vehicle that isnt slanted is 100m while the jotun can hit less then 50m from your car.
jotuns can also turn 360 degrees while incinerators cant turn very far and rely on your build to turn and aim properly.
sure with the proper set up you can have the incinerators firing about as fast as the jotuns, maybe a bit faster. but the jotuns dont need that slant to help them and thats what makes them the better weapon imo. even if the initial hit from the ice isnt as powerful its still helpful slowing people down and also dealing damage. (after this next update they might even be the go to support weapon.)

also kill every single bot in the mad chase mode. the melee bots will literally wedge themselves torso deep up your ass and not leave you alone. you cant even turn because they will literally wedge you and apparently my 20 ton car cant kick out a car that weighs about as much as a paperclip… yep even tracks get wedged by these damn things. irritating as all hell.

Build a better vehicle. My raid build does fine, and it’s tracked. Melee isn’t a problem (possibly because them ramming me kills them instantly).

seems like someone really hates me today huh?
all my vehicles are pve oriented. i have no idea how the hell a light ass lunatic build can wedge a build thats 16,000 kg and could crush him. they literally dive straight for your ass and dont stop till your dead. they mostly die right away but i had one that slipped through, irritated the hell out of me cause my jerk team mates left me to die.

I guess it’s a good thing that the incinerator is getting nerfed… . . . . . .

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This isnt even close to true, at least for pvp. Does the slowing of raid vehicles make that much of a difference? Jotun does much less damage and provides much less benefit to teammates.

Now after the jotun buff and incin nerf is implemented, I can see jotun surpassing incins in effectiveness.

i dont do pvp so i think it would be a little less effective but with the right team it can do alot of damage.

in cases such as vehicles like lunatics it can help. steppenwolfs are tankier in terms of armor but it can help with them to especially the ones with legs.

actually jotun provides more support.

heats parts
increases damage taken
deals damage over time

slows enemies down
deals damage over time
makes parts brittle making them take more damage
easier to aim
easier to land shots
wider area of effect then the incinerator

yeah the jotun has less damage but its got more benefits then the incinerator. it does what the incinerator can do but it also can slow enemies which can make a difference in both pve and pvp. sure its not clan wars material but still, its a good support weapon for what it is.

sadly this is what it will come to. i like the jotuns more then the incinerators but i like them both in different ways. hell i run incinerators on my heli so i can get pve missions done with quicker.

… im gonna miss getting those mvps with it… :pensive: