A few issues i have

ive come across a few things that are irking me quite a bit and i wanted to just get this out of my system so excuse me.

ML-200 legs: these legs need to be fixed, what i mean is that even a slight slope is enough to make these legs slow down so badly they act like their not even moving. no joke, even if all of my legs are touching the ground it slows to a crawl. it says its going 50 km/h but thats a lie. the legs slow way down and become even slower and more of a negative then a positive for the car. i like ML-200 legs, i really do. but you have a leg that goes 50 km/h and slows down drastically when on a slight hill or slope even when all legs on the car are touching the ground. it makes no sense!

fortunes: the changes made to these need to be reverted. the whole “it explodes on team mates” crap needs to go. i am f-ing tired of people PURPOSFULLY getting in my way in raids. its so blatant its fricken obvious they do it on purpose. in terminal 45 my team mates were all driving in front of me blocking my shots. hell i couldnt even assist my team mates that much at all. its like they come in and say “oh look this guys got fortunes, lets piss him off!”. terminal 45 is one of my favorite maps but when running fortunes its so ungodly unbearable! i got sick of people running in my way and purposfully blocking me so i resorted to using a weapon i havent used in raids in a long time. yep, i used retchers. because screw anyone who wants to troll me. try trolling me when im stealing all yours and everyone elses points. i used to score pretty high in damage with fortunes, well guess what? i dont score that well now and people constantly block my shots. so i guess i have to be bored and not have fun by running retchers. OH JOY!

Engraved Casings and coupons: what are they going to do with these? no seriously what are they going to do with these? are they going to give them the axe or keep them? because i find this absolutely absurd and STUPID that they still have these damn things in here and on top of that, STILL have blueprints for these that require a resource that has been injected through events. remember the “exchange coupons for engraved casings” bullcrap that happened? yeah this is making getting certain weapons a chore and expensive at that. put in a raid, new mode, SOMETHING to let us aquire these resources again for crying out loud! idc if you want to make these a event resource that you collect through the months then have a special with the ravens where you can exchange them for weapons/armor or whatever. just do something with these!

more modes: the game is dying anyways who fricken cares about “itll divide the community” shut up and go whine in your corner cause its all you reddit crybabies know how to do. we NEED more modes in this game. we NEED more engagement to keep us coming back. we need stuff to do!

uranium: not sure where to start with this. uranium is the most valuable resource in this game and is key to getting more and more items or improving your builds. weather you sell it or keep it to make a relic its up to the player. however the only way to get uranium is through clan wars and i feel that this should change. no im not saying put it in patrol or anything like that. but at least SOMETHING to give other plays a chance to improve and earn more stuff. allow them to get more coins to better their weapons and hardware. clanwars is pretty much dead because you have two tiers. the try hards who have all fused relics and are bloody rich, and the lower tier players trying to earn enough resources to compete against higher tier teams and get their relics to compete and get the build and weapons that they want. how can clan wars get new people if they quit doing clan wars because its to difficult to reach the higher tiers? beats me :roll_eyes:

certain other weapons and cabins: some weapons need an overhaul. the kaiju NEEDS SOMETHING to let you know that its ready to fire, the master cabin and any other cabin that has the hp restoring ability should have the ability to show you your weapons/armors durability thats attached to the nodes. the TOW needs more power and possibly a rework or an upgraded version of itself, it also needs more flight time.
drones/mines/kapkan need to be less focused on by bots. im not joking here! i dropped a mine and on multiple occasions a bot just tip toed around the mine out of its range and shot at it. on more then one occasion i dropped a mine and AS SOON as the mine hit the ground the bot instantly targeted it and destroyed the mine. how is this fair?! it makes these weapons completely useless to use in pve or raids.

not permanent blueprints: this is just a topic i despise. this game is about making your weapons from scratch or buying them from the market and we cant even do that. when a battlepass comes out we get these blueprints for a limited time and once the events over they are gone. this severely limits players and weapons in the game. whats the point of keeping these weapons locked up? also what is even the point of the hyperborea faction if you can only make weapons and armor of their faction through events? it defeats the entire purpose of a faction. have at least SOMETHING that players can make from their faction! im also peeved that alot of these blueprints require weapons and resources that have been discontinued and require you to buy in the market place. if a resource is limited players then drive up the cost. then itll end up costing you 7000 coins for that legendary you wanted that turns out it only sells for 3000 coins on the market so your taking a massive profit loss.

this game is an f-ing train wreck in where its devs put it. nothing here is balanced or even right. everything is all over the damn place and all they think of doing is “oh, here, have more battle passes!” or “oh, here, buy our overpriced packs!” or “oh lets just ignore all the issues and put in changes that players dont want!” or “more mini battlepasses is what they want!”

decide on what you want to do with the current state of things! theres far more issues then just dump trucking in more monitization bullcrap! theres issues with engraved casings, coupons, the blueprints tied to these, weapons that arent that good being ignored, and far more. take a break from the damn passes and look at the game, sit down and fix it!

im sorry about the wall but god things in this game piss me off. i like crossout, i really do. but it just seems that anyone who wants the game to change for the better gets shot down by alot of the community and the devs just dont seem to care about anything but injecting more and more battle passes and monitization into the game. its either people are to afraid of change or they want the game to slowly keep dying. this isnt the way to run a game nor is it a way to get new players to stay.

i just want to be able to hop in, stay and play for a while. not jump in, do 7 missions then be done for the rest of the day unless theres an event i like. i want more to do in the game.

anyways i just wanted to get this off my chest.


Dammit. I’m not liking hearing that, as I just bought four of them to see if they had gotten any better. Bummer, dude.

Mmm…yeah, all melee is like that, jousting, the Nest…MGs, ACs, SGs, and cannons, too. Welcome to the club, buddy. Whiskey?

I’m with you on the ML-200s, but frankly I think all play-styles suffer from the annoying cock-blocker. If they “fixed” Fortunes it would be somewhat unique in being one of the very few weapons immune from that issue (again?), since almost all of the weapons in this game are blocked by “team mates.”

I can probably relate to the rest of your rant pretty well, though

but the issue is fortunes arent melee. before i could just aim under my team mates, aim around them or bounce my shots off them to deal damage. now its impossible to do all 3 of these. and bounce my shots off a wall into the enemy but those are complicated now to…

i have 6 of these as my example. if you get 2 more add them into a build and go into a hilly area and experiment around a bit, youll see exactly what i mean by “the legs touch the ground but slow down considerably”. its like sometimes my cars weight doubles even though all 6 legs touch the ground and are moving at max speed they are still slow as molasses. its not even showing that theres any issues with the legs my car just slows to a crawl.

any MG, rocket, mine launcher, etc are usually blocked by team mates, but fortunes were the rare one where i could use it to my advantage. wide load spider in your way? shoot under them. hover doing the wasp in front of you? shoot under them. enemy around the corner? bounce them shots off the wall. team mate being a jerk? toss them fortunes and bounce them off his build into the enemy. they used to be very good until that nerf.

i dont drink alcohol. more for you. though i will have a tasty ginger beer.

i certainly hope they reverse that decision because fortunes werent an issue at all. it was mostly porcs that were but they seem to think it was fortunes to. idk who complained about fortunes as i never really had issues with them.

this really sucks to, i got a set of 3, found they are nice in raids then shortly after they get nerfed. why do i always have such rotten luck? we cant have anything nice in this game can we? :roll_eyes:

Yeah, that does sound like an unfortunate feature to have lost. I don’t play them, but that is a good point.

I do love a good Ginger Beer…now I want one. Time for an adventure outside. I must have one.

jeeezzzz i hate reading books lol

then why are you here? :expressionless: