A few shames

its a shame you cant trade the crackers for things like resources, even if its 1000 crackers for 100 electronics or something it would be at least something to use them on. or X amount of crackers to exchange for engraved casings or coupons. i got a ton of crackers but i cant use them on anything because i dont want to spend my resources on anything.

its also a shame you cant sell uranium by quantities of x1 because i have 3 in my inventory just rotting away. theyll become lead by the time im able to sell them. (get it?)

its also a shame they added more fireworks but its timed to 3 days and takes alot of resources to make. i know we got a firework in the past that was permanent but why not just make them permanent? even if it means doubling or tripling the resources needed to craft them its better then only having them for 3 days.

any shames you guys want to add in? feel free to add more even if it has to do with weapons, levels, vehicles, etc. id love to hear from you all.


it’s a ‘shame’ i still play this game :kissing_heart:


pfffft haha ok that got a chuckle out of me xD


My clan wallowed in shame every time we tried clan wars. :pensive:

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Trading 1000 crackers for a few electronics sounds a bit cheap. I would definitely trade 100 electronics and get 1000 fire crackers

Winnings and exchange for items are getting less & less desirable every event. warmed over every year nothing new.
If so it takes a BP . Just as the Q&A went Gronch is not in any future plans In other words Nothing for free ! I look through the items & cost and blow them off as junk mail anymore. Fireworks only good for 3 days? LMBO I don’t think so Sparky! Not enough “bang :boom: :boom:for the buck” . :thinking: BTW, Isn’t the term “Crackers” a racial slur??? LMAO :rofl: Come on now XO PC police! :crazy_face:

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