A glimmer of hope from Faley

I know a lot of you don’t do Reddit, and I don’t blame you. However, the moderator over there posted this a few minutes ago.

So, there is apparently going to be something for solo players in regards to the challenges.

For those of you who haven’t given up on the game, it’s a little glimmer of hope.


Yeah they did say this shortly after the balance changes post too

I decided that if there may be hope then I’ll try to make bank on Athenas because their price was up dumb high… mission accomplished…

It’s nice having a spare monitor to click refresh on the market while I play something else lol

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Giving some weekly badges to solo players is the bait and switch. This is all a marketing recovery plan.

The system they wanted to add is already in game. So they toss the Solo guys a few digital scraps and the rest of us carry on with a system that has increased our badge flow exponentially.

CW guys still advance faster then solo guys, solo guys think they are advancing, and everyone is happy.

GG +1

What flavor is that Koolaid?


If you don’t think this is damage control then you have no clue how any business works. It’s the old trick you do with a dog where grab and hand full of air and toss it across a room, then the dog runs after it with a huge smile on its face.

Then the dog finally realizes their is no ball, that is what damage control in marketing is.

Let’s hope they have a ball.

Of course it’s damage control, no one said it wasn’t

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Damage Control = Marketing Recovery Plan

I basicly said the same thing twice to put it in more common terms.

Peace :v:

and ignore the parts which you know I’m talking about, classic

Catch ya poolside :sunglasses:

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What I see here :scream: this cannot be :monkey: talks bad about the developers, this is not acceptable I think we should flagg him :crazy_face:


Sry guys I couldnt resist :crazy_face:



Well over 1k badges from raids alone is gone entirely. Raids are pointless now. Not to mention it’s impossible to match the same amount of badges as before without hitting legendary confrontation rating, and 90%+ of clans aren’t hitting that.

Just because you didn’t interact with the weekly challenges at all doesn’t mean you can regurgitate the same dribble on every post when you’ve been proven wrong countless times on how this removal of weeklies was a bad change. Add the clan challenges on top of weeklies, not too hard is it?


I agree with this 100% - please add them on top of clan challenges.

You just don’t understand capitalism do you. What you are so proud of is whats killing the game. The majority of gamers are solo gamers, and solo players are a 100% of the new players, but those are the players you want to crap on. This is why there is only 8000, or should i say 8500, peak players instead of 85000.
If they would focus on bringing solo players in and retaining them there would be a lot more money from the few who pay, plus more clans that spend more.


“Megathreads are back! Let me remind you why I came up with this in the first place. Here you can write everything you think about the game: What you are not satisfied with, what you want to suggest and other things.”

OR…the game has an official forum that is linked from their official web page, where you can start your own topics and talk about whatever you want, post pics, music videos, whatever. These topics are indexed and are easy to look up, search, link to with your browser, and most of all, it’s all formatted in a nice, large, easy to read font…unless the forum Monkey finds you unfit upon his inspection to join our ranks and starts spam-flagging your posts, then all bets are off.


Don’t worry -


I wonder how little sam gets away with managing his community share of duties with so little work put in?