A Hover perk motor

Look at what i got. A nice new jet turbine converted to produce a 5 second lift beyond normal hover operation levels. Recharges but it helps you stay clear of them non driver types as you float by like a balloon. why not a little pick me up for the floaters. Helps you get away from potential incoming fast things for a 5 second head start as you dart away.

scribble scribble scribble.

I appreciate your love for the game.

But I don’t think we need anything to make hovers better.

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I think he may meant it as an engine to give hover perk to other movement parts?

i agree 100% , super good reply ,roughmonkey.

Its to increase height during battle so you can kind of have defences a little bit. Look motors got a quick reversal put in kind of helps rushes a little and is better for defences and i reccomended that in game chat then look what happened. Quick retreat and defence maneuvers should be a thing. It will give hovers something new to enjoy and will add a little change to the battlefields and it would look cool and feel nice knowing you actually have a motor for hovers! Look if i saw a jet turbine spinning under a hover cab and it got extra thrust upwards for five seconds or less that’s it. would give the game a sense of woah tech helps alot in battle. What if you blew out one hover and you are tilted a little too close to the enemys weapons then woah a little pick me up during intense moments would give the game more unknown endings at the end of the battle don’t u think! We all root eachother on in the end once we die so why not see the best type of survival tech we can dish out in the wasteland. Look vigilante 8 2nd offence on playstation back in the day was soo cool using hover wheels and then if you keep tapping the accelerator you lifted even higher! I did that fighting the giant ant on that one map and i did that map more then any other map because i got to fight a giant horror movie ant that came from outerspace inside a comet! Just giving some helpful advice from a long term vehicular combat veteran like myself. They even had a drive in movie theater in that killer ant map! Look games from the past will always make games from the future get even better!

Sure, but that’s a whole 5 seconds of a lot of thrust increase. The energy cost would have to be realistic, like 4, at least 3, depending on the recharge duration. Or some other cost to counterbalance such a functionality. Maybe a hover engine which would be able to do such a trick, but it would then become overheated for double the duration the ‘turbo mode’ was on. E.g., up to 5 seconds of turbo resulting in higher lift, followed by an overheat period of up to 10 seconds, during which the engine’s power would be reduced by half.

I like being able to ram hovercrafts. It’s good such nimble vehicles have some weak points that requires skill to take advantage of.

But let’s say the module would even let you fly higher with no time limit. OK, you can’t be hit by Clarinet missiles or rammed, but the underside would be easier to hit with most other weapons, and the firing angles at that altitude would preclude certain designs. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: Would be fun if hovercraft pilots started exclusively undermounting weapons, thus losing the protection to said weapons afforded by the current altitude. But Clarinet cars can fly too, so I’m not worried by such a prospect (example above). :joy:

Your not honestly suggesting that something you happen to mention on in game chat on Xbox was add to the game because you mentioned it are you?

:rofl: :crazy_face: :rofl: :crazy_face:

To each is own. A mystery none the less from another point of view. Look at it like this or look at it like that. People are allowed to think what they like or was taught. I like what they done to the game. Still feels like crossout from day 1.

Hovers used to hover at twice the height before nurfed into the ground…so to speak. Don’t think they would do something which they changed maybe 2 or 3 years ago sorry. Be great if they were like they used to be…2 times higher, ram resistance and speed of 100kph.

Start the complaints NOW!!

Hovers are finally very balanced. We don’t need to give them any kinds of buffs.

Hey im just trying to add flavor to the game.

Ideas are always a good thing. But in my experience people here do not want anything to make hovers better :slight_smile:

It’s a good rule of thumb

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I don’t see a problem in it. If there’s a slow recharge to use such a move it would help more unpredictable outcomes. And thats what i look for. Not some overpowering odds like some folks do around these parts. I look for the woah who would of thought it type deal. Nothing better then an unknown ending to a fight am i right? Or do you like seeing the future set in stone type?

its just, all the ideas youve posted here are very gimmicky and have this “doesnt this sound kewl” vibe going while pretty much ignoring how this would actually play out in game. many seem hard to implement and balance too.

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Idk what to think of these comments. But each preferences are important. Obviously this wont make hovers super over powered but what if theres some maps that have high spots that would benefit this type of hopping behavior. Cause i always like leap frog and ninja moves especially when finding out skinner has a lift in tunnles or hanging objects so why not a little more flavors to add to the crazy wasteland we play in.

yes, the hover needs to be fixed. buff

If they make a motor for hovers it better be one that boosts regular hovers and not sideways “look at me I am strafing beyond the intended strafing abilities of a hover because my strafe buttons are forward/backward” hovers. Or hovers in higher powerscores rather than making the glass cannon builds even more cancerous. Like for every 100 ps or 1000 ps beyond 9000 ps gives an X boost to all mounted hovers, stacks up to Y times

What else did you want? It’s already been nerfed. HOWER, if the duck can’t swim, then the water is stupid.
It takes great skill W-A-S-D-space 100-kmh
rather, the power and top speed of wheeled vehicles should be reduced.