A little help from Mad Max for Crossout

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I liked the new Furiosa movie, but thought the casting was awkward.

It was a cool story with fun characters and the vision of Furiosa’s lone, hanging arm, dangling from a chain, was epic.

It’s a good addition to the franchise, despite it’s flaws. In fact, the flaws may give it a similar aged-cheese flavor as the original Road Warrior movie now has, making it a perfect sequel and tribute to the source material.

Crossout is not mad max. Crossout is Ex Machina/Hard Truck Apocalypse. If Crossout had a movie franchise as developed as mad max it would blow mad max out of the water. Mad max is a bunch of hot rodders who don’t even have machineguns on their vehicles.
Crossout clips are better action sequences than mad max scenes.

Yeah but Mad Max is more than a movie, it’s practically a documentary of a future event. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Hopefully, but they aren’t using armored vehicles with machineguns in mad max, so it cannot be a documentary. Something between XO and Mad Max is where it would be at.


No armor and no practical ability to use that M2. Also exposed engine and no bullbar. CGI rendering not a vehicle from a movie scene.

guys, guys, the last moments of the vid, what the guy was saying, the time line of MadMax is a bit confusing and how they tight up things.

P.S- Not madmax, hey? One could make a lot of those cars with the parts we have

Yeah we could but its still not mad max, its hard truck apocalypse redux. Not the same universe. In mad max there was a nuclear war and its a franchise born from the late 70’s. Crossout/HTA is from 2006 and literally has an AI singularity in the story line with the Oracle (HTA) and the Ravagers. Play HTA btw while you still can, its a game I have nostalgia for even though I only played it a few years ago. Its very likeable and cheap.

The point I took away was that the details in the movies don’t necessarily line up with each other, and that the series of films were best enjoyed as legends told from various perspectives.

Imagine how many of our cars would be impossible to build if they removed all the parts they clearly lifted from these films.

On the flip side, I sort of wonder if they didn’t borrow some ideas from Crossout for this latest movie, as the front end of the “Six Foot” from “Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga” looks a lot like early Crossout design.

I feel inclined to watch the movie again to see if they didn’t borrow anything else or leave Crossout Easter eggs in there.

I don’t mind that they borrow from Mad Max, and clearly they have and continue to.
I do think it’s weird how contentious it can be to suggest that Crossout does in fact borrow a lot from Mad Max films, as if there were something wrong with that, especially when they so very clearly do. It’s not the only film they pay tribute to through their art direction, but this game does borrow a lot of distinctly Mad Max riffs.

No. I don’t think so. It’s not presented that way at that link anyway, and there are a lot of detailed shots of the vehicles they say are actual shots of the vehicles used in the latest movie, before they were deployed to the movie locations and sets.

My understanding is that those cars are actual cars, built for the movie, shot prior to filming…and this game is what is using CGI.


I’m just saying Mad max is a totally inauthentic pile of trash if you want a believable apocalyptic setting involving vehicles. A bunch of rich rat rodders needed some place to fit their art pieces because their cars dont belong anywhere else in reality nor fiction. Their vehicles have exposed mechanical components, no armor protection, no mounted guns of any sort, not even simple crossbows. The mad max crowd wasn’t even artistic enough to come up with something like the spike, phoenix, incinerator, or remedy for their movies. Its a shitty franchise with lazy ass artwork and concept design.
Its just another big and inauthentic hollywood franchise that ppl are sick of. I saw a 4 minute scene from Furiosa on yt and its hot garbage.

Crossout > Mad Max.

Much more realist tho.

Water rations for two days
electronic chips used like personal ornaments and then there are lasers and hovers and mortas.

Listen, i put the video for the guy in the end where he explains how the mad max creator decided to smooth loose ends in that story ,
Crossout devs could do a similar thing to smooth out that kind of things that i pointed out, and give themselves a way out to be able to release things that presently doesn’t make sense in a pos apocalypse scenario

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Here’s a popular example of what many currently use in today’s apocalypse.

They’ve been doing this for most of my life, I think.

It wouldn’t last a second in Crossout. A sport car with a train-plow and several shotguns mounted on it would flip it over and devour its innards.

So, more like Death Race?

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Yep, death race made a lot more sense.

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that thing cause chills in my spine the first time i saw it and now.
It can pulverize a man and leave the vehicle were it’s mounted wrecked beyond recognition.
Other war machines, like ships e.g. have to withstand the same calibre of guns that they carry.

However, in crossout there’s a lot of builds like that e.g. a cab with an Avalanche or a couple of Fatman doubling as armour.