A Main Antagonist for Crossout

My break (planned to be longer) is kinda sorta over, and I’d like to throw my hat back into the ring by talking about something that, I think, is important.

It really seems to me that Crossout, as a whole, might benefit from having a main antagonist to direct their efforts against.

I’ve said this before in some of my reviews: with all of us players taking on in-game roles as part of one of the factions (or even a player created faction), it seems that everyone just hates everyone. I could be wrong on all this but, to me, it really just seems like the division sits between Free to Play people and Pay to Play people.

It’s like the Free to Play have a tendency to demonize those with money and, because of this, the ones with money become the ones all the Free to Play people rally their efforts against.

Another thing I’ve said before, and will continue to say, is that the Free to play (to me) in every game is a Demonstration Version of the game. I liked the demo enough to buy it. If others can’t afford to buy the game but want to still play it, that’s fine, that’s 100% fine.

What’s not fine by any stretch is making the paying players out to be the bad guys.

That brings me to the Paying Players with questionable (if any) ethics. Those who can’t seem to tell the difference between Beginning Game and End Game. The players who are under the impression that “Bigger is Better” or “Victory at All Costs”.

Those not knowledgeable about how a Tier System works to filter a gamer’s experience, guiding them along a path of progression inside of a constructed world. The ones mistakenly trying to break boundaries in areas that, instead of discovering a benefit, discover an exploit that breaks the Tier System, using it in the name of getting all the wins.

Are they the bad guys?


Most of them are kids, teens (some really misguided): my point being they are most-likely just in a place in life where they have yet to learn what Ethics even are, so, absent any real guidance from the community they choose to spend their time in…perhaps one WILL grow up to be a bad guy…and I don’t like that idea.

SO! What can we do about it?

While in game, when we see people starting to trash talk paying players, I think it would be best to illustrate payers as just normal people while, at the same time, redirecting the conversation to an in game bad guy.

Well, that’s all I got.


You mean other than the developers themselves, I presume? :wink:

But seriously, yes. This game’s structure is like a bowl of noodles, and I think it would have benefited from more concrete lore, like a well defined good-guy/bad-guy dynamic, but instead of following any one path, they just keep throwing unrelated new stuff on top of the old stuff without reconciling any of it to each other and it’s become a huge sprawling disaster of abandoned or useless dead-end features.

It’s a mess, I think, and they could spend a year or more just untangling it all.

I always have my chat OFF. Always have, since day one.


good description.

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Fallout 76 doesn’t even have a text chat… I was like wtf at first… but than I realized it’s better and I like it this way…
Once on a event a guy started talking like “fallout 2 was still the best one” and that triggered so much negative thinking that I wish I had voice one disabled too.
xo pvp is so toxic that chat barely changes anything for me, but thumbs up for that. Almost sure you didn’t missed anything “important” anyways… Maybe I’ll do that to :thinking:


Beat me to it.

Actually, I like the ideas. Good stuff.

I rarely chat in the game because of the toxicity & lack of benefit in doing so.

You talk of the ethics in the game. We have people who aren’t kids who do the things you’re talking about. One or two brag about it on here. Seal clubbers, min-maxers, or just building hyper-metas for the new game mode. They do these things as though they’re not ruining the experience for new players. They know they are. They do not care. The biggest proponents of the new system seem to be the people most toxic to its long term growth.


My thoughts on end game ethics begins and ends with seal clubbing. That is, I generally stay in the deep end of the pool, and if I do end up at 6k or lower because someone talks me into it, I don’t use weapons or setups that new players cannot reasonably get.

The last and only time in the last several years, I seal clubbed, was about 6 months ago, some clan buddies talked me into going into lower power score with Avenger hovers and smacking everything as Avengers were ridiculous at the time.

I kind of envision this as an ocean system.

3K to 8K power score. The shallows. Tread lightly here and don’t harm the native wildlife.

9K the bay and estuary areas. Anything goes equipment wise as players at this level can deal with whatever they come across. Not everything goes team wise. It is rude and unsporting to clog 9K PVP with a clan 4 stack of micd up players.

10K to unlimited: The oceanic abyss. anything goes. Teams, weapons, meta, cheesy tactics whatever.

Clan Confrontation: Anything goes

Clan Wars: Anything goes.

Levi Wars: Double anything goes with an emphasis on cheap cheesy tactics.

You owe it to your clan to give them your best play, no matter how cheesy, obnoxious and despicable that play may be. For example, I played some Porc Acari last night in Levi wars and casually racked up multiple 6000 point shots on the opposing Levi. Whenever it meets your Levi, it will lose, because it is at half health. That’s obnoxious and lame, but hey, its Levi Wars.

My thoughts on FTP ethics, is that you shouldn’t stand on a soapbox and decry a monetized game because you knew what you were getting into. Also, as Obsidian was saying, if everyone was FTP, the game would not be around.


that’s pretty much how i look at things.

I don’t think Relics belong in Confrontation. I mean, i think Confrontation is for the low end of the Clan War experience…the Introductory Period let’s say. But I know I’m in the minority on that one.


Being in the minority does not make one wrong.


I don’t disagree with you. If Porcs and Flashes were banned in 9K, it would make a much better user experience for new players.


What is within your possibilities in game?.. I guess you can report those who use cuss words and such. Maybe you can offer your services to some players who would like to learn about vehicle building, decorations, etc.

That’s a nice way to put it, actually :+1:


There’s a difference between being able to afford to play videogames, and spending hundreds, or in this game’s case, thousands of dollars to be able to compete.

I gladly spend money on videogames, when it’s of value. I refuse to give THIS game ANY money because of how absurdly it’s monetized. I will NEVER spend more than $120 on game. Even were I to have every dime Bezos, Gates, and Musk has made, I wouldn’t give this game anything more than $120, and the fact remains, that for that price, in this game, you don’t get very much at all, which would consequently make the $120 a poor purchase, and I would never do it.

The pricing structure is just mind-boggling. You want me to spend $120 on your game? Give me everything for that $120. Instead of packs that cost $70 and give you nothing to fairly compete at the highest levels.

The dev’s approach to monetization is to infuriate people with extremely unfair competitive play. It’s like they looked at the most despicable ways major publishers have tried to cash grab over the last 20 years, and amplify it. Instead of seeing how bad EA messed up with SWBF, they took it as inspiration.

This game has a ton of potential, and its infuriating qualities are JUST tolerable enough because they balance the rest of the game’s draw on a knife-edge. That’s honestly the most impressive talent they have, is to have kept this game alive and making them any money at all by just narrowly managing to not enrage the FTP (and those willing to spend a more modest amount of money) into quitting so that their whales have fodder to farm. Their greatest talent is somewhere between that, and making the whales not get bored too quickly just kicking noobs’ teeth in.

I’d love to see this game do well. It’s like twisted metal meets armored core, I just wish the leadership had more scruples when it came to making money.


The main Antagonist should be a half man half machine that rules over the Ravengers. He secretly also created the syndicate and has his undercover subjects run the syndicate for him because well…hes a ravenger and he looks like a freaky faced android man.


Well, they did step over the line this time. This is why they are bringing back the badges for solo players.



Best post of the month!

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Those are the “Victory at All Costs” players I mentioned. Thank you for defining it much better. I didn’t have the words for it till now.


One of the best. Doc posted a good funny pic above :laughing: