A new weapon, what is it?

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Looks like a child of Assembler and Imp. Some kind of crap for PvP addicts anyway

No, it’s like a cannon

It’s huge. That’s what it is.

There was also some sort of laser teased at the end of the video.

It’s too short to be a cannon. It does remind me of Assembler but like a machine gun Assembler.

This game is 2 modes, PVP and pve your point Mr. kekechi?

I often play PV0… An is player versus nothing. Zero… Just tinkering away trying to build a bird that lays eggs in the form of mines and turrets.,:bird::egg:

You mean pvp and Catalina retcher mode?

Pretty sure those we just Triggers or Destructors

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Seems build with Harpy cabin, the logic is that this thing have explosion bullets, maybe autocanon, canon or grenade laucher idk. Probably its just photo and nothing more.

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Looks like a turret cannon or a gigantic grenade launcher to me. Might even just be a Hulk CK for all we know.

That’s not a mode, screen shot on the in game map where it has that mode!