A old question about the angle of fire


This is the lowest angle the weapon reaches, but there’s obviously room to go down, you must have encountered this problem,I wonder what the developers think of it


Punishers -_-

Your mistake my good friend is assuming the developers are thinking this through.:joy:

A minor solution I sometimes Implement is putting smaller Wheels on the front and larger wheels in the back.

The stallion wheels are really good for this because you can raise them and lower them. That can give you the opportunity to lower the front of the rig to increase your downward firing angle, but raise it back up to give a little more protection for your weapons if needed.

Making your truck bounce around like a Mexican jumping bean is just bonus.

I mean, looking closely at the picture, the barrel should be able to touch the cabin, but it can’t

I could have sworn you could shoot down as long as you could point your barrel downwards… Either I’m mistaken or the Devs changed it for who knows why!

It’s not just now, it’s always been this way, and it’s not uncommon for players who’ve tried to protect their weapons to know that this is a problem

Oddly enough, no one really talks about important issues like this unless I do.

its more the base of the gun of where it sits that cant go any lower,u just need to raise it up to shoot down more.
sorry but thats how they make stuff in xo
alot of weps do this.
and how did u get that angle screen shot without the gun turning? is that the ur clone on range?
just saying u would have to look top down to aim down or am i missing something.
it stays a block away from hitting ur cab(maybe they need to make it a half block or quarter block to make it more realistic,but thats how they measure things ‘in blocks’

Alt key

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If you say that’s how the XO is, I’d say that’s how the original omni was, but I told the developer that they had problems steering in reverse and panning, and they were modified to be what they are now

Of course the new Omni loses some abilities and brakes, don’t blame me, it wasn’t me who brought that up, although I think omni does need to get nerfed