* A picture is worth a thousand words... 🤨

'Do I, or Don’t I ? ’

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Spoiler: he did. In the game rn. :grinning:


I did last night, and played for maybe an hour.

I used that build in your screenshot too (exhibition download), and it didn’t do too bad either (PVP/PS11K). I was surprised. I mean, I wasn’t getting MVPs, but I wasn’t getting bullied either. I sent my share to Valhalla with it.

I can’t say I don’t like the new gun, and I do like the Gerrida. That cab’s perk came in pretty handy too. I’d like to take those parts and make my own creation, though. I’m uncomfortable riding around in a clone-job, but it is the first build concept I’ve seen presented by our developers that I could actually get to work…I had fun using it. I want my own…then I can post a pic on Monkey’s “Legendary Builds” thread. That thread hasn’t got enough traction (wutsup widdat, Tenshijin, Lemmy?)

I’ve probably never built a “Legendary Build” of any sort that I’ve liked and kept. I think these are the right parts for me to do that with (please don’t nerf my schit, devs).

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I logged in quite a bit yesterday, today I played 3 games. Mainly built a few builds to try at 9k.