A place for arguments with toxic individuals

IDK what happened to my last one of these, but I made a new spot for your arguments.

Screenshot 2024-06-19 153239


If this guy is here, kindly don’t be a toxic [insert bad word here] when I wasn’t even talking to you. That is good advice for everyone actually.

it kind of looks like you might have cropped this to your advantage. why not show it actually started like this?


I was talking to another guy, and he interrupted. I will try to make sure to take a bigger screenshot of the chat next time though (which there probably will be a next time because there’s a lot of toxic players out there). My apologies for not screenshotting the conversation with the other guy. :sob:

its the abcs of shaming people on the interwebs, prove it wasnt you who was a dick to begin with. trust me bro is illegal, good luck next time!

should we all make a fire and dance around it going hia hia hia hia hia hia

I have one.

Here you go.