A Player Created Story Mode

Imagine opening the world map and hovering over the Adventure Mode, the window of information pops up and, in this window, is a list of Short Stories with specific missions to complete in a specific order. There would be a Thumbs Up-Thumbs Down option to help filter the best Player Short Stories to the top.

What’s the purpose? To give Adventure Mode a slightly randomized, yet, coherent experience. As it is, Adventure Mode is already random in how you approach completing it’s missions. It has Awakening already but, and I know I’m not the only one, I get super board with Awakening. There’s only so many times you can play through the same story before it starts numbing your mind.

Of course, unlike Awakening, these Player Shorts would not have any cut scenes, (unless your like me and make them to post on youtube). Even so, players could designate an In-Game narrator via Crossouts available profile pics, and that narrator can be given text to scroll before, in between or upon completing the missions.

For every 100 Thumbs up, the creator of the story gets 1 Uranium and, for every story that reaches 1000 Thumbs down will be deleted from the system.

Your thoughts?

I am a person who wants to see the plot with eyes not in letters, so unfortunately an average idea, events of the type of rebuked in the form of zombies, etc., this is it. and prizes like they were now, but apart from them some purples for the rest.

I level editor would be cool to have, but it will never happen.

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that would be cool. Like, if in the custom battles, we could rearrange the battlegrounds assets or something like that.