A rant about myself

I’m exhausted, i spent an afternoon building a new SG build, all started with wanted to do something with thunderbolts (for the second time) to see if i can make them work, so i thought let’s make a good old wedgy.
I went to see the exhibition and i found this, i tried and i liked very much, very responsive, small turn circle and almost impossible to flip it.

But it has a lot of shitty parts, like struts and other puny parts. So basically i fought against myself during the entire process.

How can this be so compact?
I went outside and i flipped over the build that i took as a model

It has all, chameleon, fuel tanks , Apollo, it has virtually no frames.

this is my second version of my petty attempt .

Yeah, i lost that fight.


How small do u want it…whats the goal of this build?

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I feel your pain…

One thing I used to do A LOT, and sometimes still do is take apart exhibition builds piece by piece to see how they’re built. I’ve learned much from doing that.

Another little thing I often do is put all the essential parts “on the ground” in the garage at the start of the build so I know to account for their placement as I go.

None… ZERO of my builds are in their final form. I change them repeatedly… almost weekly. Tiny incremental improvements.

Good luck, and again… I feel your pain!

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I would like to be as close as possible from the original design.
(just for exercise)

My goal are :

to acquire new forms of building and bring that to my upcoming projects if possible, i’m working on a build with brand new moving part for me, i want to be as tanky as possible but i have to make a new approach to it.

Since i can’t make thunderbolts work on my bricks , i want to see if i can make them work on something else.

I have to buy more parking places to be able to do that, as is i can’t do none of that, i exit the garage mess with some bot and let it to do damage to see what’s falling off.

I just filter by durability and start from the top .

I tweak a lot, entire sections if needed, but past a certain point , they mature, others have an entire change of nature my drone build started it’s life as a Nest build e.g.
Yesterday i was building a leviathan but a thing called energy overload (never heard that before) made me quit, but what i did will be the new front of the build i’m working on. e.g.

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Do you use exhibition for blueprint storage?

Leave one slot in your garage empty.

When you get a build to where you’d like to save it for later, upload it to exhibition.

When you want to toy with it again, re-download it to the empty slot.


Meanwhile i did this.

Not exactly a wedge build in the traditional sense (despite it wedges like a boss).
and not exactly one of my bricks.
It is very susceptible to drop speed and power when wedging a bot
I will test it tomorrow.
But most probably, i will maxed it out in weight and tonnage to be able to plow through builds easy.

Yes i do.

I already do that.
Just after Radiance i bought a slot, but i’m currently working with 3 builds.

  • A build with a new movement part (very new to me)
    went to my last slot at the exhibition
  • a prototype in the last development stages
  • and now this one (if i like it i will over write it over the Medium version which i find very lacklustre).
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Are you building your new car to fight with it or to enjoy it?

And this is why XO will never be truly creative. Imagine you draw with different colours and then you just can’t draw with green. You have it, you just can’t place it on your painting.


Is every blueprint you upload to exhibition always available to every other player or can u unlist an exhibition print once uploaded so only the owner can see it?

Im guessing you cant hide blueprints once uploaded because then no one would buy storage slots in your garage. Can someone pass the data on this to my brain.

There are several settings. I believe it can be set private or friends only etc.

If you delete it off the exhibition, no one can see it. (someone told me if one liked someone elses blueprint and they erased it one could still see it, but i never checked)

Thnx, ill have to mess around with it a bit. I already filled the max storage spaces up in the garage i just don’t want to have every exhibition upload viewable.

The first obvious difference is that your model uses full BF wheels, which gives 1 one more block below the frame to put modules.

Well, i never understood why Thunderbolts never worked in my bricks, now they are working, at least in PVE in my preliminary tests.

I will keep it .

I must to admit, i failed big time trying to follow that wedge design.
In the garage it turns nice, it accelerates nice , it is very stable.
the master design also have BFs
But from the get-go, there’s a world of difference.

1 - i started with 12 pins across in the back section, the wedge i’m following has the equivalent of 8 pins.

2 - In the back the original design only has Bfs doubling as side armour and as moving part. Mine has 3 layers of side armour .

3 - In the back, the original design has only 2 frames, Mine and after cutting down the number of frames, it has double the number of frames

4 . the original design is housing the engine where in mine, there are 3 shivers there.

And this is only warming up the differences

I made it , it took me only a weekend to make a traditional wedge.

Now that i feel a bit naked let’s try with Aggressor.
Not long ago i was playing PVP with a radiance build = no armour whatsoever.

How hard can it be, right? :slight_smile:

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Right click the blueprint once you’ve uploaded it… edit… none.
It’ll still be visible, it just won’t notify anyone it’s there.