A really weird glitch

so i have a simple glitch here for you all to try out. honestly this just looks funny to me. so this is what i did

2 lightweight 4x4 frames
4 wheels of any kind (the smaller the wheel the more noticeable this glitch is. so id go with either gun-mount or chain wheels. it got the best results for me)
duster cabin
a heavy cannon (mammoth, mastodon, typhoon)

how it works: place the 4x4 frames front to back then sit the cabin in the middle of them. then add the wheels on the outter most part with both pins attached at each edge. then attach the cannon to the top of the cabin either in the middle or a little bit back then test drive. for some reason it wobbles back and forth so much its just funny xD
it even drives erratically to. let me know if you all managed to do this cause i wanted to test out to see how far back my car would fly with these on it and i got that result LOL

i tried it with the executioner and IT WORKS! it’s really goofy and i like it lol