A recent discovery (mini battlepasses)

They have lore, my dudes.


Is it me, or did the original Foxy look nothing like this one? This one looks like she needs a shower.

I don’t understand, Foxy has been in the game since nearly forever? Adventure mode came in 2018. The part about Lloyd came maybe 2 years later, max.

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and the item up for grabs this time is the thor. how many of you are going to make as many thors as you can and wait for a price hike? i know i am! xD

i have a stillwind as well. i think ill make 1 or two thors and keep one to make the odin then sell the other later on for a profit and another relic in my hands. gonna get a ripper this time! :smiley:

I prefer the old design, but it doesn’t look “Apocalypse” enough, I think

I made 3 Stillwinds in the last mini pass. I have 198 uranium and also have a fused Miller from the last Thor pass, as I accidentally fused too many as well as 4 fused Sleipnir tracks from the old Sleipnir pass. I’m crafting 3 Thors and turning them into 3 Odins.

I will use one and hold the other two for a few months to gouge the price up. Surfing these mini passes is incredibly profitable, cheap for Crossout, as the only cost is a $10 mini pass every month and not that much work.

The last mini pass, with the Machinist cab, I bought late, ground out in one 3 hour patrol session and traded my Machinist for a fused Assembler (now I have two with the same bullet speed!) and kept the Huginns and extra stuff.

I also sold quicksold the crate for 1300 something coins. This is way overvalued, because there is a low chance of a crate going legendary and most of the legendary items only sell for 4000 to 5000 coins.

If legendary odds on the crate are 15 percent, Purple 30 and teal 55 percent, and these items go for and average of 5000 coins, 850 coins and 250 coins respectively, then on average crates are worth 1115 coins as you add the odds and expected return for each item.

1300 is high and they were going for as much as 1450.