A single point of energy left. where to spent?

So, apparently, i’m at 12 k, heavy build, i demounted my vindicators and my aurora, and went for gremlins, tonight i made some changes to the build, mounted the Appolo and the last 2 gremlins out of 5.
tomorrow i will test this new improved (or worsen version) .
After a fluctuation in PS between 11k and 12 k, i’m over 12 k again (low 12 k)
I’m kinda of stuck with the machinist cab (it’s an ok cab ) cause i did get it when i bought the Guiding Star BP it has the perfect fusion and i did try changing cab but my other heavy cab only goes up to - + 20 tons and i already have more than that.
I really don’t know what to do.
1 - Put back the Gasgen seems to be the simpler solution (i’m not unhappy with the modules and weapons (not because of PS, the adversaries are the same, but i did have to increase the length of my build and add to the armour layers, which will be proven tomorrow, but one thing is making a build from scratch, the other is patch it up…i’m a bit nervous)
2 - mount an averter
3 - mount a chameleon MK I (this will add to the length of the build and force me to change from a 6 wheels to a 8 wheels) . may came handy against rockets.
4 - mount a second fused shiver , to really hammering the point home

Put on Bootstrap instead?

Nah. Just the Appolo alone adds a ton, bootstrap almost another ton.
with the current configuration 6x6 i’m already on the limit with just one of them. And Bootstrap will add in build size making gremlins even more difficult to use.
Gasgen it’s smaller and lighter and besides, with all the armour i have wrapping it, it has better survivability than Appolo and bootstrap combined.
But thanks anyways.
So, for you it’s option 1

One Spear or Lance! Very light! Big Bada Boom!

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Yeah, but only once.
I will try it but that will be another topic.

Bootstrap is 500 kg, not a ton. I use it sometimes when I don’t have to fill the energy with something.


I would say either a cloak or an interceptor.
Cloak is pretty useful with gremlins, especially if you are running them on a slow heavy build.
But interceptor is small, and is also very useful in close combat. An Argus could be an option too, as it will shoot down homing missiles and also help against kapkans.

I have two versions.
one at sub 12 k and other at + 12 k i will run some tests to see if they are both good.

Consider a Colossus Engine? If you play Gremlins, you probably have your finger glued to W, right? You can never have too much power when pushing people.

Obviously an Interceptor to shut down cuckpkans and drones.

I have one, but i use the cheetah, i’m afraid if i change the engine i lose in tonnage and mass limit.
and i also have 2 tank tracks, 2 armoured tracks and 6 hardened tracks but so far none of those can carry the rig at top specs