A solution to the "whale" problem

first of all, every time i mention “leviathans” it means i am refering to this:

and not this:

the first ones look what i think a leviathan should be on crossout;

a extremelly heavy and “bulcky” vehicle, with lots of heavy armament, on a chassis that is just as heavy;

so starting, the post;

i always see players conplaining about how they have to fight “whales” and how they have an unfair advantage;
they conplain about how they have better equipment and so on…

thinking about that problem, i thought about a solution, that solution, including leviathans, a solution to make both sides happy;

first of all, this solution’s idea is to give older players something to do, to separate them from newer players, so newer players don’t get frustrated and quit the game;

before someone here cries about “hurr durr but leviathans!!! they no brain- no skill”, i will put a list of most important, and lest important, for the wanted effect to happen:

1-add manual aiming to player controlled leviathans;
this will stop people from conplaining about leviathans requiring “no skill”.

2-remove weapon type energy restrictions;
this will allow players to use a full setup of their selected weapons, this won’t bring back the trigger bananas due to the first one making them actually need to both drive and aim at the same time, and destructor ones won’t even work due if the lazer misses for less than a mile second the destructor will deal 0 damage, but this will allow setups like multiple mandrakes/ multiple kaijus to actually be functional while requiring “skill” to use properlly;

3-make leviathan bonus a multiplier instead of a flat bonus;
currently, there is no reason to use a slow heavy cabin over a powerfull light cabin due to the fact that the mass limit will be the same;
the current weight limit bonus for leviathans is equivalent to 3 humpbacks(4 if you use a humpback as your cabin), it cold be made so it multiplies the regular cabin mass limit by 5, so light cabins can be still used, but are not as powerfull as before;

4-make player leviathan battles be a different type of battle than regular Clan Wars;
this would make a lot of old players return, but still allow players that enjoy leviathans to play them, but it will require more effort due to the first proposed change;

5-especific game mode just for player controled leviathans;
instead of leviathan wars that we have, we could have a mode that does not have any correlation to clan wars;
it could be a game mode that is 2 leviathans vs 2 leviathans on the arena maps following a similar format, it could have it’s own ranking ladder, and even seasonal rewards depending on the spot you are when a season ends just like regular CW has; but for it to work, it must have higher rewards than regular pvp so “whales” play it instead of regular pvp;

if it goes as planned, it could drag whales away from pvp, making people conplain way less about “whales ruining their game” and even making them quit crossout;

i hope i did not put too much; and that i did not make you bored by this;

what do you think about this suggestion, do you think it can work?


I agree 100%

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the best way to counter the whale is the incinerator. And they are cheap.

it is kind of impossible to just do that without removing the weapon type energy restrictions as it is impossible to manually control multiple different weapon groups at once;

this suggestion is supposed to remove “whales” from regular pvp so new players don’t get frustrated, not about leviathan CW “whales”

Invasion or CB. The incinerator is super good in both case.

I would love this. The Auto-aim is so inconsistent. The auto-aim is super effective weapons like Yong Wang and Retchers. But it is so clunky with weapons like Machine Guns and Autocannons. It is also dangerous with weapons like Mandrakes and Incinerators.

I dislike the Energy restrictions. It made everyone’s leviathan extremely expensive to build. Reverting this change would be great. There should be a limit to certain perks to avoid weapons like Imps from instantly shredding everything in their path.

How about 2 or 3? I think 5 is excessive.

Yes please

This would be great for testing and honing a leviathan.

Better yet they could just remove Levi wars.


I said five because that way light cabins are still viable, if it is just 2 or 3 light cabins would be totally unusable, as just the weapons would make it too heavy, and the current one is almost equal to 3 humpbacks (4 if you are using the humpback).

You literally just rode the word “leviathan” and nothing else, the point in this post is to fiz the “whale” problem by removing them from the regular player pool; it just happens that leviathans can be a good way to do so.

It would reduce the complaints from new players about “whales” and that the game is “pay to win”.

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How about they get rid of the freeloaders who cry and try to waste everyone’s time instead of learning to play the game?

That seems a simpler and better solution for -everyone- involved. Since you are the smallest percent of the game’s population.

At least they should wall off your complaints in some little used space that no one cares about and ignore them so no one -has- to deal with it.

::looks around the forum::

Which is all to say that you keep saying that word… “problem” and it does not mean what you think it means.

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The “problem” is that new players quit the game as soon they get level 30 engineers when they see older players ;

I say “whales” with quotations because the majority of thia forum is too stupid to understand, literally 70% of people i saw in the forum literally uses caveman speech

If older players have a gamemode for them other than CW and it does no need a clan, them they will play pvp less making “new players” happy

“Devide the dwindling population of a game in to smaller restricted groups.” said no one ever who understands what a game needs to survive.

the problem is; new players see older players, gets frustrated due to getting wreckt by older players, quit game, no new players;

That is not the needed solution to that. What this does is break the game’s older players into those who throw money at the game, the older players who don’t, and the new players who get past the lower PSs just end up being even further behind.

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Just call China they love killing whales

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I think players just need a heads up while they are leveling that once they hit 30 they get in to big boy lobbies. It would be good for people to u derdtand that they need to have some patience once entering this lobby, because games will get much harder and they are going to get wrecked for a bit until fighting against better players in turn makes them better players. And that it will feel more normalized once they Learn To play better.

It’s a PvP game. There’s no need to divide populations more than they already are. But a heads up of what’s to come at lvl 30 by Devs to noobies and that things will eventually level out is something I’ve always wanted Devs to do. It is kind of important.

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I think most Light cabins will be using light or medium weapons. Cockpit cabin probably won’t be using weapons like Mammoths or Mastodons. I imagine they’ll be using weapons like Breakers and Imps. They’ll also be using weapons Aurora or Trombone. They can also carry an Aegis Prime shield as well. With Manual aim, the cloak becomes viable as well. Light cabins will be able to get in close and inflict heavy damage.

If given the option to comfortable wield a lot of weapons and decent HP, players will choose the Cockpit cabin every time for its perk and high speeds. There’s gotta be some drawbacks to make people consider using Medium and Heavy Cabins as well.

Anyways… I think that this game mode should also reduce the extra energy given. I think a lot of the reasons why people dislike Leviathans is because +50 energy is excessive. It provides more firepower than 3 regular cars, is extremely expensive to effectively use up, and it necessitates the broken auto-aim in the game.

I think 5-10 extra energy would be a lot more fun. It is a lot more affordable to most players, does not require auto-aim, and wouldn’t completely outgun multiple regular cars.

Taking Levi energy from 64 down to 32 or even 40 would def be a step in the right direction.