A space to dump your META complaints

Here is where you can dump your complaints about stupid META builds (or overoptimized builds) that you see in the game.

I’ll go first: spaced armor ermak Draco skinner spider. this made me quit the game, because he tethered me, pinned me to a wall, pinged me, and I was gang****ed by the ENTIRE enemy team, most of which had other META builds that are discussed elsewhere (dual cyclone omni, Huginn gremlin omni, the likes).

If you have some steam to let off after a particularly bad match, here’s the dedicated space for it.

I’m very tired of both Tusk and Gerrida Cyclones… 2 of the least skillbased builds that over perform to a pretty laughable extent… either drive into people or hold 1 fire button with camera steering, it’s very braindead and it seems like they take up 50%+ of all builds I see

DPS and bullet spam weapons in general. Omnidirectional movement being way better than anything else, especially when coupled with the DPS weapons.

Back then sideways hovers were a thing, people complained about their ability to strafe and wiggle back and forth in a way that makes hitting them near impossible while they were usually equipped with Arbiters and just could drain your hp and parts like magic, and now that they were nerfed now Omnis were changed to do that, gerridas as well to some extent, and every DPS weapon is still way better than mostly anything.

It’s been 5 years and it’s still the same type of bullsh1t in a can just under a different manufacturer brand pretty much.

Ramming builds and wedging them so that they are completely unable to do anything is still, after countless of “wedge fixes” still a thing.

Scorpions are still about the only meta long range weapon (arguable but I don’t see anyone using much anything else, maybe medians every now and then)

The meta was stale with DPS weaponry around the time supercharged had happened, and it has been continuing on to this very day, with armor changes just throwing out all past weapon balancing right out of the window and making DPS even more meta while most weapons suffered.

Meta is super stale and I don’t remember a single point in my 5 years of playing that it would not have been stale. Only 1 meta changing moment I can clearly remember was when sideways hovers were killed off but now instead of hover using X weapon it’s gerrida or omni using X weapon. Or just hover using X weapon

Bottom line what I hate the most about the meta is how stale and unchanged it is in general, it’s been 5 years, with countless of minimum balance changes that don’t really do anything followed by some stupid decision like supercharged and armor changes that just flat out nullifies any past balance changes, and then calling it a day and idk huffing each others farts and sipping piss by the looks of how this game is managed


If it’s been “stale” for the entire five years you have played, why did you keep playing for five years?

I need to build me a proper shotgun wedge. I want one sort of like MudnBeer’s famous wedge, and I’ve been collecting the parts for it. I’ve got 3 fused Maces so far and a set of small tracks, but I’m still waiting for that Torero cab to be a good bit more affordable.

I’m hoping that once I’ve got it together and at about the same power-score, I’ll get to see him out there again. He’s pwnd me arse a few times with that wedge, and I want to be better prepared next time.

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Because at the start the stale meta was only in the “endgame” PS scores while anything below legendary weapon tiers was rather comfy in general. But then it started to bleed into all PS as varying levels of seal clubbing, but at the same time Crossout did that whole BRAND NEW BALANCE CHANGE EVERY MONTH JOIN IN TO THE GUN LOTTERY TO SEE WHICH WEAPON IS SUDDENLY GOOD AND WHAT IS BAD (excluding some meta favorites and mostly focusing on guns that do varying levels of good) that gave some kind of a fighting chance, not to mention there was some hope that they might maybe balance things out eventually during this time.

Then suddenly 5 years are gone by and nothing’s happened. Past 2 years give or take have been extremely stale in the grand staleness of things, as they seem to have mostly abandoned doing periodic and frequent almost randomized balance tweaks (which helped keep things interesting, one month gun A is op and B is not, next month gun B is op and A sucks, while specific things like scorp hovers, shotgun wedges and arbiters etc were always kept good even during these) and hoping (or pretending) whatever huge chance they did fixed all problems end of discussion.

And because when you play a little you start to build up an inventory and hoping that maybe eventually the game is a bit more balanced while you also have more options on parts and builds to use. NOPE should have just bought 4 Arbiters and call it a day gg


Confrontation mode has predictably made PVP META rich and a lot less fun. Worst update ever, IMO.

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Agreed :100: % It knocked my enthusiasm in the proverbial dirt . . *Edit due to grammar.

I don’t remember these good old days like you do.
What I remember is a constantly shifting meta, but one that actually has more variety now, compared to the drone boat era, or the sparkvester era, or the wedge era, or the sideways hover era.

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Omni wheels

I don’t have that crap, so why do i have to keep “eating” them from all side.

Bunch of blind people.

Why don’t you stay in your fucking lane!

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:thinking: Fact: Meta phenomenon changes when the developers nerf a component that enhances that particular build style.

:100: Its sad when a team mate uses that option on another team mate to block & or steal a kill from another team mate. Its either due to Inattentive drivers or plain old orneriness.

Yeah the omni wheels thing…how many times the mission starts, and I’m stuck behind one of those clowns who keeps zigzagging left and right, and I’m trying to be courteous by not running into him. Half the time I wind up running into a wall or some other obstacle. Ehh… :unamused:

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Remember when hover users would cut the zig zag hoover maneuver ? But they were easier to move if they spawned in different battles match after match & was equally annoying . ( Hoover wasn’t a typo, cause they sucked like a hoover :grin: !)

Spaced armor ermak draco skinner spider…as META?!? Lol. You are trolling, right?

Overoptimized, not META. There’s another category it can fall into.

like i said omnis need a nerf. people have told me they arent a wheel… ITS A F@&%EN WHEEL!
they are small like a wheel.
they can strafe.
they can push ungodly amounts of weight.
they have a grip and weight so intensely strong that they seem like their made of neutron star material.

they act like a track but can push far more weight then a track. even my heavy build cant move them but they can move me even when i weigh like 6 times more then they do. its like my car weighs about as much as a cheerio to them.
they are far to maneuverable and require little skill to actually use.
they go 90 km/h are you nuts!?
does the golden eagle work on them?

id say the omnis need a nerf, sorry but they really do. im tired of people shoving me around like im made of aero gel. these things have been meta for to long.


IMHO A reduction of the force/strength being applied to movement part would be a quick cure to this issue. Just as the mech legs are no longer the once “push over” they once were, A similar adjustment/ reduction to the Omni in reverse of what they did to mechanical legs do to being able to be pushed around easily. It would make the omni able to strafe, No issues with that for me maybe others. Resulting in no longer annoyingly pushing others around like a D9 Caterpillar.

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