A suggestion to keep the "grind" interesting

I had an epiphany today.

As I reached into the mournful end of my french fries box, I came upon a marvelous discovery.

I felt a prickly and round object at the tip of my fingers, so I tipped the box of fries over and among the stale yellow sticks, like a king above men, an onion ring fell on top. I finally understood. This was true serendipity.

ADD RARE RANDOM SPECIAL ENCOUNTERS/BOSSES TO RAIDS THAT MAY DROP SPECIAL LOOT / CRATES / CKs / VANITIES ( or just a rare stabilizer ). Maybe like a 10% chance for special encounter. Maybe make the boss 2x harder. MAYBE!

Make it so even common things can be had from these crates so if a player doesn’t score big on their first crate, they definitely could by their 100th!

Do this and you will squeeze thousands more play hours from your vict… er player base for the foreseeable future!



Coincidentally, I learned what serendipity means a couple weeks ago. Can’t confuse me with your big words, OP!

You mean, giving us items for a success? Like they did 5 years ago before nuking that part of player’s rewards? I’ll be honest, any suggestion that starts with “give” or “lower the grind” goes straight into Targem’s paper shredder.


My friend, the entire objective is to increase the grind via uncommon gacha-like (near)arbitrary rewards! >:D


Targem called, they said you’re hired :joy:

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I’m gonna wait until the 100th crate just to get a fender extender?

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I woudn’t put grind and interesting into same sentence. No grind, less resources needed for crafting, cheaper packs with somewhat more coins, would make this game way more popular and interesting with bigger online. Grind is what keeping some of my friends off from this game


I think it’s the kind of idea that probably would work better for the awakening mode and probably fairly simple to implement then for the rest of the game. Most of the enemies in there similar to raids are already programed to drop ammo boxes that work for both ammo/booster fuel, and resources too so it really would just be adding to a list of possible drops.

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I do know that, if you do INSANE amounts of damage while in Adventure Mode, a Ravager Boss will spawn to give you some grief. Would be AWESOME if it dropped ANYTHING but it doesn’t.