A theory on the WHY of the update

Forgive the screeshot, but I figured it was the easiest way to share the conversation.
This is a sample of the conversations I’m having trying to get a bigger picture of what’s going on.

This is my best guess.


A working theory I have is that they’ve figured out the game won’t grow, and they need to milk as much income out of it as possible before it completely implodes… nurse the game along & funnel as many people towards a CW type playstyle that nets them income.

Premium subs, packs, BPs…

Folks like me might spend $100 a year on the game, but the CW players apparently spend a lot more. Exponentially more. To the devs, I do not exist as real income. I have my primary job which nets 90% of my income, but I have “side gigs” that net a few thousand a year.

I can - and have - cut off side gigs when I’ve needed to.

So, those of us who aren’t whales are disposable.

They’re not min-maxing their playerbase, they’re max-minning us. :rofl:


Except from the resident shill… until you start thinking, go away. I wish I could block you, now.


I’m not sure that is it, I think they are just idiots or the original team got sent off to fight in the ukraine war . There is in fact a lot of players that come and go. Everyone knows by now that I am a market flipper so I got a lot of profiles saved in my history that I check up on from time to time so I can see the trends. In fact I got over 50 000 profiles that I can scroll thru and if I had a way to be able to automate Id be able to answer you with a high degree of certainty. For example I just flipped a lightbar to a new account(I made 80 coin profit off that sale) that is no doubt a non clan war fresh whale, player only got 1500 kills with quite a few legendaries in his history. I do see a lot of new accounts on my purchases/sales.


I don’t think that’s a bad theory, but also…OK, I’m going to have to give them the benefit of a doubt for this to work, but if this was a succesful update it would have satisfied 3 popular demands:

  • Improved Clan Wars.

  • More game modes.

  • Bot-less PVP

They may have used this as a method to insert their BS and thought players would be happy with it. They aren’t though, and they feel the burn. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

In a best case scenario (ya, I know. That’s far reaching) it would have, and still could, satisfy those three demands and improve this game a bit for everybody. I really am hoping that’s the case (Poony4u would be so proud of me right now), and I still think they can pull it off.

I do think your theory has merit, though.


lol, that is how I see it. Generally it’s better to blame incompetence than nefariousness. Not trying to say the devs are incompetent, but they are a small team with a small budget. Things aren’t always going to go smoothly.
It just makes more sense that their motivations are to improve the game, and the execution is clumsy.

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I was going to log on to say how much this update has saddened me. This week, I tried to do the clan challenges, but I’m not making any progress. It looks like it’ll be at least two weeks before I can start to regain traction if ever. I came to the forum to vent and complain, but see others have already said what I wanted to say.

Goodbye crossout?

It’s almost like losing a friend.

I am confused by people dismissing how this has broken crossout for non-clan players or even just solo players. Do they not care? Incapable of empathy? Genuinely low IQ? Then, to brag about how good the game is going when it’s obviously not is weird. Really weird.


I am going to back track on that statement a bit. Scrolled thru my history and yea its prob 75% clans I am making money off. I made over 100 coin profit off a single item from a top 20 clan player in last 2 days so i dunno. Yea that’s what it seems like 75% clan players.


But does targem have a revenue stream that replaces crossout? I think if the devs really think that way, I’m sure they’re ready to take the next step