A tip for those of you that are bored

Hey, I just wanted to share how I’ve been keeping myself busy lately in crossout,
how i’ve fixed the monotone grind with my same base builds/weapons.

You know how there’s banners for every weapon? what I have been doing is finding a banner background or logo combo that looks good, checking what weapon gets them, and if it’s not a relic I have been having a bunch of fun exploring weapons I would have never used and forcing myself to get good with them. Currently I have been using pyralids and impulses and it’s a bunch of fun finding out the best playstyle and tweaking my builds untill they are competititve in battle.

I actually found out that the impulse is a really viable and fun weapon!

So if you are struggeling with picking a new weapon, try assembling a cool banner in your mind and use the weapons associated with them!


Agreed, you can also sort the exhibition with said faction weapons and see what might works from there.

This just made me curious what everyone runs as their banner and profile pic in game. Mine has been the same for years.

Ive had the same for quite some time too been changing it a bit time to time though

Ok what if you already did that? you know playing this game for fun and experimenting everything it offers.

It’s not bad when it comes to weapon variety but there is no reason to use em, all of em, i’m not trying to sound like a downer but this game needs some content, the one that developers make not the one you make for yourself.
Understandably unlocking banners is dev created content but that’s still kinda stale after a dew banners

Anyhow for beginners and those who are overwhelmingly trying to grind or are stuck to melee, get out there and get some fresh air, and than return and experiment.

Not a bad idea drifty. Have a good one fellas