A word of wisdom: Don't

I encountered a lot of torqued off players in Invasion when I used my double Heather build. Sure I hit the target numerous times, But miss a few more than direct hit & some people come unglued and rabid & the hate mail follows. Therefore, I sold 1 heather while prices went insane padding my account nicely. Now pondering for a deadlier combo . Hence my question a heather Mandrake combo. Wouldn’t it be crazy if the heathers rounds were heat seeking . Instant OP.

i actually tried a heather and mandrake combo but… it doesnt work out as well as youd think. i think they also reverted the first bullet of the mandrake hitting the target in the middle to cause it was not hitting directly in the middle anymore. that combined with the heather needing to land a direct hit to do anything… its just not a good combo sadly. its a shame it doesnt have explosive damage like the mandrakes mortar shells do. they can hit in a pretty big area and they can do significant damage even when not directly hit. i wish the heathers were like that instead of being a whiff when you dont hit them directly.

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Thank you ! I certainly will not waste the resources for it.