A word of wisdom: Don't

Don’t sell mini BP items until the next BP comes out and you take a look at the crafting. The heather (one of my favorite weapons) needs an upgraded argument, and upgraded trombone, and a Sleipnir for crafting. You all know what came out of the last mini BP, and I think you can all guess what I did with both of them…

The other items you can get from the BP (and guardians are somewhat cheap, I have had mine for a long time), but there’s always one item that is in the previous BP that most would sell, because it’s usually an uncraftable epic, and those go for some good money. So now I need a Sleipnir and can’t get one, because there’s none on the market.

Don’t do what I did. Don’t.


I bought 4 of them when the price hit 280 but is for own personal use. If price gets high enough to lets say 1000 coin which is what gerrida peaked at then ill sell them.

To survive these mini passes, and get what you want, I recommend having at least two of the following rat holed at all times:

2 Sleipnir
2 Arguments
2 Huginns
2 Tromboones
2 Millers
2 Gugnir
2 of each kind of rotor.

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They cannibalize their own content so whales can p2w god fuse items.

There are still none on the market. I presume that means they have all been converted into Heathers. They aren’t craftable. Surprisingly, there are no packs for sale that contain them (yet?).

That sort of destroys the premise of this mini-pass. I’m glad I bought that silly paint (Sweet Candy) when it took the plunge, because without some solution to the lack of a prime component of this pass’s crafting bench, I reckon the sales will bomb, and that unique paint will be hard to get.

Without Sleipnirs, you can’t craft Heathers, and without Heathers, you can’t craft any of the Legendary gear, which was it’s most attractive feature.

I don’t even want the other legendries, I just want a heather.

Isn’t the upcoming new cabin called the whaler? Devs not even hiding the fact they know who provides them with $$$ for :pizza: parties and :beer: funds


I’d sell my heather if I could, but I can only salvage it. It was a great weapon of terror in bedlam when it first came out, but I found it difficult to use in actual combat. :grimacing:

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I have an extra heather, I have seen the unreal prices they are going for on the PC version market place and think about selling one off. Seems using them in Invasion torques off more people on your team than it helps. Despite good aim. But one unit of a kind on any weapon system isn’t worth a tinkers damn and deemed nearly worthless. It’s a hard choice to dump it for the mega bucks while the market is good or keep it. After all, how many arty do we actually see in game anymore?

I always disliked the expiring blueprints from BP. It seems like the game is now a mess.

I got out at the right time.

It wouldn’t take much to fix some of that back to a near workable state.
Open up earning the blueprints and production of the parts during the factions repeat seasonal appearances.
And or Badges for workpieces.

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It is. They probably should have kept it simple, and focused on improving the content they already had, rather than expanding it exponentially with this Battle pass stuff and all these various changes, seeing as they are a small development team.

They’ve created a monster of sprawling game architecture, dead end features, a few just plain stupid features, and even ruined a few features. Seems like it would be a disaster to try to manage, and I don’t think any of what they have done has made the game more popular…perhaps less so.

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Oooh, the badge for blueprints is a good idea. I hope they implement something sooner rather than later.

I agree. I think one of the problems is that the PVP gets stale after a while. Raids are a chore, and CW is miserable. Making the core game modes more enjoyable could go a long way.

It would be good for them to do it even if it’s a stop gap measure.

I have a feeling they probably are trying to do 4 side factions to match 4 seasonal BPs. As they state in the side faction page it says access to their parts opens up during special events before it cuts off. They easily could fix it via opening the corresponding workbench up each time. Putting the items in reward spots and let the players earn up to them if they haven’t yet. The players that have already earned them could start crafting as soon as the event starts then.

I don’t really get why they are dribbling the items out slowly in the Mini passes outside of it perhaps being the only consistent thing they can offer that’s already paid for work wise. I think it really messes up the crafting aspect of the game.

It made me loose interest in crafting all together. I understand they need to make a living but open up the factions from BP’s as mentioned. Warmed over & over left overs does not appeal to many and stagnates the game. Toss the dog a bone please!


That’s why i like mandrakes, even if you miss, the fire puddles can still damage stuff :smiley:


Never considered that when I went over board building heathers. Just happy I dumped my heathers when the prices went up. I thought the ability for a direct hit would be better. Sadly that isn’t the deal. Now the Drake is far more desirable. How about a drake /heather combo? Thoughts?

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I only have the BP heather, which I have used with a mandrake.
I like the combo. I would usually shoot the mandrake first to soften up my target, then launch the heather right after to hit the heated up victim. When you get a direct hit with the mandrake you can immediately shoot your heather, as you know they are within your target.

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I want one that looks like a heather, but fires like a mandrake, one at a time, in a wide arc in front of your vehicle. It’d also be nice if the rockets were filled with napalm.

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i tried using the heather in combat but… you need to be 100% accurate with the damn thing for it to do any kind of damage.

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