AA Gun - Starfall limited firing angle patch?

AA GUN - STARFALL does it need limited firing angles only upwards so it can shoot only helicopter / flyers?

The explosive rounds people say is to op. AA guns are for anti air.

Is this gun to OP?

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If it’s a problem then I suggest the flak round perk only activates if the weapon is firing from an angle of 45 degrees or more upward… but I doubt anything like that would happen, gotta keep the paid for content OP

The Flak perk is incredibly strong, especially on a Harpy, but the Starfall is big and seems easy to degun on the ground. So basically, its like the other autocannons. While having two of them is nice because it means you get an Omamori, it is also a problem because if you lose one gun you are nearly out of the match. When you lose a gun on a triple Cyclone or Stillwind build, you are still doing excellent damage.

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Still retchers are op weapons and are in game for years. I think starfall should be good
counterweapon against retchers not be changed maybe + damage about 7%.

Starfall is a garbage gun that any decent player should have no problem beating. I imagine it’s the crowd of people who spray 3 cyclones, missing 73% of thier shots on moving targets, saying that this gun is OP.

It’s not. It’s not even good against its primary targets: helicopters.

Alas we’re all untermensch compared to you, my gigachad console progamer friend.


I am thinking most of them play low PS, where it doesnt take much to destroy their builds. It certainly doesnt appear to be CW worthy, but I will give it a bit more time before I form a solid opinion.