Abandoning Adventure is Dumb

In the new post on Crossout page devs have stated that they have no plans for Adventure and that plans suggested by players take a lot of time and work. Adventure as it is can still be used for many things, for example, the reason players don’t play it is because they completed the main quest and the weekly quest for 100 badges is usually not worth it. So, in order to make Adventure more interesting without investing too much time is just simply by adding more weekly quests, something thematic for the mode that can be done by up to 4 players, I see this as a great way to revive this ancient mode because hate it or love it Adventure map is by far the most unique map in Crossout and it deserves better.

The screenshot from the announcement ↓


Cuz devs don’t know how to milk money out of Awakening. Thus they’ll continue spreading BP thin all over your faces.

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i was really disliking this mainly cause i like adventure. driving around in a big map at high speeds and zooming around with boosters is fun (i really wish boosters had a module to give them more fuel). but the issue with this is that theres nothing to do apart from the 20 missions and even then its tedious to keep track of because they only count when you leave the mode. i find the 100 badges worth it. its an easy 100 badges to get, its just time consuming really.
its funny that they have all this time to dump in all these new parts and season passes yet no time to actually develop a mode more and add more to it. they even went as far as to take out casings from the mode to meaning you can only get scrap and copper from it. the amount you can get of each isnt worth it to.
even then theres no hard cap on copper yet theres a hard cap on scrap… mmmm sense this does not make!

like i said the badges are worth it if you run a team of 2 - 4. i solo it so it takes me alot longer. but really i find enjoyment riding around and i find it relaxing so idk.

this… wouldnt really help. theres very little to do in adventure apart from killing mobs and the occasional event that pops up now and then. (some events are impossible to complete). adding more wouldnt do much and even then it still wouldnt be worth it.

agreed and i agree it deserves better. instead of the battle passes and new parts they should focus on improving the mode with more things to do and whatnot. id love to play adventure mode more.

They announced years ago they would no longer work on this mode.

Yes, they abandon the mode, cease development, leave it with no rewards to be found, and nothing to do, same old scenery that never changes, no weather, no seasons, no night, nothing, and then say, “We’re not going to develop it because nobody plays it.” Duh? Nobody plays it because it’s boring and needs development. It’s just a big empty map with nothing going on in there. Of course it’s not attracting any players. Why would it? It’s boring AF.


I prefer PVP to PVE, and I understand why the devs are more focused on PVP.
But Adventure is the introduction to the game for new players, and it’s currently kind of out of date.
Even if most experienced players aren’t going to play it much, it seems worth updating even if just for the new players.

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Preach. I remember thoroughly enjoying the missions with a group of friends, even cracking jokes over things and dubbing the subtitles in our own voices.

They talk of lore and how they wish to proceed with it, yet shut down the most key lore-creating part of the game. Why could not have traveled to the lands o the Hyperborea? Explore a new map in the snow and ice with hidden secrets, frozen ravagers or other waderkvarn facilities… so much could be expanded in such a great way…

But no. Why expand on something with potential when you can squeeze the last dregs from the wallets of players in the pvp setting instead. Stagnation is the acceptance of failure.


Stop…you’re killing me. I would so very much love something like that. Contemplating what this game could be, or maybe should be, and then looking at what it is, is so sad.


You guys know I personally don’t like PvE, but I have always been in full supporter of the people that do enjoy it.

But something to keep in mind - These guys are awful at making PvE. If they spend 6 months of work on it do you think it will be any better? Or will it just be more of the same :poop: they already made.

If I could go into adventure mode and feel like I was in a Crossout Car version of the game “Destiny” then I’m all about it. But it’s not even going to be close.

So, in closing, if they did spend time on it and PvE players liked the content then awesome! But for me, I rather more maps for PvP.

I think it’s just time to find new ways to use the modes map in order to see any type of real advancement for it. Stuff like: Clan raids, Large off-road races, Heli events. The area itself has a lot of potential for group activities especially if they can scale the group size.

I wouldn’t even mind see them try a mixed pvp version of the mode. i.e. you can shoot and loot players. They can drop their current scrap and copper value lol…


Completely agree with the original post and pretty much everything written after it. I personally find the adventure map to be the best map in the entire game by far. I do the 20 side missions Challenge almost every week. I don’t necessarily even do them for the badges, I just think it’s a hoot to go zipping around and a bare minimum rig with boosters strapped to it.

Whoever it was that said they’re not going to develop it because they can’t find a way to make money off of it was right, I think. I think that is also why the PVE matches got a hit in the last update.

I think the developers need to look up the term loss leader. For a grocery store, bananas are typically a loss leader. The store doesn’t make any money on bananas, and probably loses money for every banana they sell. But, they know if they don’t have bananas moms won’t shop there. So they sell bananas at a loss and make money up on Peanut butter.

Clan wars and hardcore PVP may be where the players who spend money are playing, but where do they think these guys come from? I certainly did not start out in pvp! I started out in adventure mode.

Cross out without Adventure Mode and solid PVE is a grocery store without bananas.


cocks shotgun … we dont talk about that game…

and pvp is any different becauuuuuse? trust me the pvp sucks worse, at least imo.

if they actually spend time on it and put heart and effort into it then it wont be another warthunder disaster.

yeah boooooooooy!

i would never even touch that mode in that case. and if i died well… someone would be getting 102k copper every time :expressionless:

technically its not rewardless as you can get copper and scrap from it but… even then the reward from it is absolute garbage. 1 - 7 scrap / copper per search in piles… ugh.

nobody plays it BECAUSE its not being developed. i enjoy adventure and asked for more areas to be put in to explore but then they said “nah screw it its done. noone likes it so its staying like that” like fricken really!? spend more time updating the damn modes rather then the stupid battle passes and events! what i dont understand is they invested time into the dronepocalypse making new vehicles and maps yet did NOTHING with anything pve. so their saying they have more time to do event crap that only stays for a month then they do for a mode thats permanently in the game?! i call bullcrap on that!

Repurposing the map is the best idea.

What it’s being used for now is not fun.

meanwhile their new game is basically all adventure

Excellent analogy. I think the folks at Crossout have a lot to learn about marketing. Their art direction is awesome though. Their monetization schemes leave a lot to be desired. People will buy straight-up crap and be happy about it, if you do right. They manage to make good products unsalable and hard to enjoy often. I’m always amazed.

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It’s Gaijin who does all the marketing.

And they don’t want to learn how to do it right.

But if we’re talkng about XO, I can leave you with the rough translation of one of devs’ words:

“If you know how to develop a better game, why don’t you do it yourself?”

After that, I have no more illusions about them. Their only way to make money is to cull the whole flock of chickens for meat and then complain about “oh noes we don’t have eggs, feathers, and soup!”


You know, people (including me) have been suggesting many improvements. One of mine was likeable, even. Read this: combine most of PvP/PvE maps into one big net of maps with loading screens between them (or make one humongous map) and fill it with good quests, events, faction bots, NPCs, garage spots, et cetera.

That would require minimum effort since:

  1. All them maps already exist in the game.

  2. Loading process exists as well.

  3. Faction bots exist, too. Mixed bots we can see in patrol.

  4. Quests and a few scripts require at least above room temperature IQ. “Kill X enemy, rush from A to B in C seconds, protect Y caravan and get unique part, and so on, and so forth”. I’M GIVING THIS AWAY PRO BONO RIGHT NOW OFF THE TOP OF MY HEAD WHY CAN’T CO-CALLED PROFESSIONALS DO THE SAME?

  5. This offers a lot of possible microtransactions. Anything: from decor to construction parts, from weapons to cabins (yeah, about $2-5 for a part or so), from garage decor to clan/group special decor (group soecial decor is the one you can use only in group, such as same hubcaps or holograms).


That actually isn’t likeable… it’s loveable. If only the devs were so creative… Brilliant concept, Kehich.

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