About Challenges


I play this game to relieve the stress of work, but it gives me an extra “workload”. I don’t want to play the game because of this workload, because either I will get stressed or I will increase my workload.

How can we solve this?

Challenges should focus on individual achievement.

For example,

Bad: “win 3 matches with shotgun”,
Good: “kill or assist 10 enemy with shotgun”.

“Win” creates the following problem: You have to carry your team, but this turns into torture because the matchmaking system is unfair.

When I come home from work, I’m mentally drained of energy. You know that mental fatigue is not relieved by sleeping. You need to have some fun. That’s why I don’t want to play this game when I’m mentally tired. I feel like it’s an additional job and I feel have to move on to other games.

This game is valuable for me. My criticism is for it to improve more. People who criticize you, they are your friends.

Thanks for read.

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You’ll love it here then. Welcome to the Forum.


I’ve made pretty much the same complaints you just did. The challenges usually are not fun…

I have gotten to where, unless they do indeed sound fun or easy, I ignore them.

From time to time, they do encourage an alternate play-style I’d otherwise not have attempted, though.

And welcome to the forum. Put on bug spray. We have trolls here.

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Yeah, there monotomous, and wish they spent more time refreshing the game apart from pushing out BP’s which to me don’t count, I mean to develop new raids and tasks and not just increase the grind for them, even redevelop Adventure mode into a new mode or least use it as it’s there, pushing paid content not really developing the overall game, and maybe introducing new modes that aren’t temporary


I would suggest you do those challenges in Patrol. If the day’s weapon is not one you like and you want to get the challenge over with quickly, then take it to Patrol.

I would also suggest checking out the Redeemable and Give Aways. Get free Machine Guns, Shotguns, Detector, Wheels, Cabins.

I would suggest making 3 blueprints, one shotgun, one machine gun, one cannon. You could also make one that you can swap weapons around on.


This is really good advice, and has been offered elsewhere on the forum.

You can also hover your mouse over the challenges to see which weapons count towards the challenges. Assembler is bizarrely counted as a cannon, for example.

Plus, too, and also…

The lower your powerscore, typically, the faster your matches will be… Meaning you’ll grind out those challenges faster if you’re at 5k instead of 15k.

An easy way: go on patrol and use your gun to hit every robot you see once, then do nothing, and you’re done


I find I can get away with only two template builds for challenges. One for cannons (which you can swap in any reload weapon for), and one for overheat weapons (which you can use for MG/SG challenges, but also adapt for AC challenges or any other overheat weapons.
That way you don’t have to use too many blueprint slots, if you prefer to use more esoteric weapons most of the time.

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I actually keep 3 slots for challenges. One cannon build - which is actually a dual Assembler. The other is like you said… for overheating weapons. The 3rd is a super fast minimalist build for racing around Adventure.

I don’t know why I keep that last one since I can build it in just a few minutes, but whatever.

he makes a good point it shouldn’t be based on wins. to a new player without much time trying to get dailies could get frustrating, especially if you are not interested in pve . also i feel the brawl challenges being based on wins encourages people to just quit before the end of the match… i just want to add that i think it should be mgs or acs, sg or melee and cannons or rockets to make it less boring