About chat ban rule

I got chat ban when i said: “Omamori is useless”, “If i can sell it, i will give you for 10 CC” in general chat while there’s
a guy say Omamori price too high and people talking about it strong or OP module, i just want to show him that module do not deserve with that price by say it useless and advice him look for other module, and after that there’s no rule, no notice about it, and i got chat ban for 24 hours. I readed the rule for text chat and i see nothing violate in my text chat, so which one is it violate?

You’re not allowed to make private deals in the game on item. What you said just probably sounded too much like one going on. I would just wait it out and try to avoid the topic later. If you want to fight the ban there’s a entire section for it if you look around a little. It’s such a short ban though why bother.

It just a bullshit, it too lame so I want to say this once more time, I’m not sell or buy any “private deals” as you said, that’s my advise to another player and it’s all my personal experience, not against anyone or any rule and it’s not even a joke, i’m not against any Human morality of any countryies, i’m not talking about sex or adult content, i’m not talking about religion, i’m not deserve ban without say something warning or notice, or not written in rule. This just show someone moderators abuse their power, they should add it in rule or moderator warning it to me before ban, not like this. Why you can ban a people who show their opinion to an weak item without warning it, are you robot which can’t distinguish the difference of opinion or joke or blaming or something else?

Make an appeal on these forums. Mind you I can’t say they are ever helpful here. Either they refuse the request or they wait so long to do anything the bannis already lifted.

You def did nothing wrong. Your just another victim of terrible chat moderation.

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I have played since 2017 to now on, never get bullshit ban like this, I see many people complain about it but i think they are violate rule for sure, never believe one day i got ban like this, it hurt me even to find this forum and create a thread, I feel very offended so much with this act