About jannabi cab

Playing with my drone build i noticed i spin a lot in the same place with my build.
either when i’m supporting someone or when i want to keep cheetah’s perk + BF’s perk moving.
the jannabi cab’s perk it’s while drifting and it says only with wheels but not specify which type of wheels
Is spinning ( making donuts) and drifting the same thing?
will it work with hermits or BFs?
I think i can maintain my design with a little help from Yuki and cheetah, tonnage wise

The light inside Jannabi cab actually turns on if your drifting properly. Just doing donuts isn’t the same thing the wheels should be sliding.

I find the best way to keep the Jannabi perk going is a traditional “car” wheel layout: 2 ST wheels in front, 2 non-ST in the rear. Get used to tapping your handbrake a lot, both to control your car at higher speeds and to facilitate drifting.

You can drift while doing donuts, especially with a cheetah and not too much armour, but you can also keep it going by twitching back and forth, doing kind of a slalom maneuver.
When the perk is active, the cabin lights up, and the perk indicator goes red, but your tires also smoke.

It’s one of my favourite cabins to play. Hope you enjoy it too!

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Well… about that… it’s meant for brawling… to take a couple in the chin… so…
the main difference to my other builds… doesn’t have as many plows
But what i can do, is off set it’s weight balance and that will do the trick

I used it a lot with the launching drones, as I could shoot them from cover, then run away and do donuts in a corner to buff their damage.

But I also used them with miniguns, and focussed on trying to drift around targets. Also had some success using it with some parsers, with more of a hit-and-run technique.

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I will buy two 5’s to put 557 on the build.
Because i will sound like the commander of the USS 557 Johnston. (Leyte Golf battle)

" i tend to go into harms way…"

I will build a harpy for it (for ammo)
I will build a jannabi for it ( for damage)

Howl… i tend to go close but 25 m it’s just too close, i saw this with a teammate, and i was too close to him to take advantage of his perk, being that close to the enemy for several seconds…under heavy fire, Jannabi cab seems easier and more natural.