About recharge booster

The current situation is that as long as the loading weapon is used, the recharge booster must be used, and it will bring about a 20% reduction in loading time when it only takes one power,As a result, the player loses strength without using it, with the result that the diversity of weapons on a vehicle is lost, and when the player uses both loaded and non-loaded weapons, the player will not be able to achieve the strength it deserves, whether it is used or not.
Therefore, I recommend reducing the effect of the recharge booster while reducing the reload time of all reload weapons, and keeping the speed of filling with the recharge booster constant.
In addition, the special recharge booster is proposed to be modified to be the same as the Epic recharge booster, but only has this effect when the power is lower (e.g. loading weapons with a total of less than or equal to 8 power), and the effect is reduced when exceeded

That doesnt make sense. Chillers/Coolers are meant for heating, flywheel for reloading weapons and some are special. This is not single-players, you are NOT supposed to be abel to build ultimate powerful builds, it is NOT meant to be possible to stomp everyone into the ground. Each build is supposed to have a weakness - even if some are OP, in general you should always have an achilles heel. That is needed for reasonable Multiplayer.
If you dont like it stick to SP oder go play asianm P2W Diablo Immoral and stuff.

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