About red star market , tovarish!

“The market in our project is a unique place where any player can put up for sale any parts obtained in battle or manufactured in the workshop, at a price that he deems the most fair.Pricing on the market is determined exclusively by players. They decide at what price they want to sell or buy this or that part.” - crossout official site / market

what a joke

“you can put any item on sale at the price you deem reasonnable , PROVIDED said price is in compliance to the current Gosplan and will prevent you from making any profit”

i m not saying you can t make money on the market , just that the description from the site is far from matching the reality. And such for a player approaching the game , reading site then playing will be confronted to a straight up lie.

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I remember back when i only had 45 coins and was bitching about the price of white decor.

Tough times, tough times indeed! Get well soon, friend!

Don’t buy white decor bro, if your trying to build the coin back up like me go watch the white Cabs, guns, and movement pieces…high volume low cost and go from there

i used this picture as an example of market being locked. no1 in his right mind would sell decors for such a low price , so essentially all prices are frozen and blocked at their lowest.
i stopped playing the market when market bot was implemented.
the most fun i had was intercepting ppl transferring money through stickers and inserting offers of my own . you could make 15 K coins in a matter of minutes. now the market is dead and boring.

Ah, yeah, but I can make 15 cents in a matter of seconds.