About the co-driver (PHOBOS ) nerf

I don’t have PHOBOS, presently i don’t have a purpose for him.
and the bonus to speed, is tasty but not sufficient for me to unlock it. ( at least right away).

This is from a JBRider vid

I just don’t get this co-driver thing.

Instead of letting us choose the co-driver and then pick up among the already existent skills the ones we want, no. they give us pre cooked co-drivers.

Instead of having perks that work passively and actively , we have through convoluted ways trigger the perk ( i bet some of us not even have the chance to trigger the perk in some battles with some co-drivers ).
And in top of that, they nerf the perk .

why? what’s the point of having a co-driver?

Grizzlie is a nerfed Master Jack, now PHOBOS will follow suite.

They buff things that don’t need to be buffed ( like, BFs, Retchers, Cyclones and MGs) and then they do this because it’s efficient when used with slow cabs. ( which is totally the point of this co-driver in particular and why people with slow builds choose him ).
If the perk was something…but no, it’s just weak, 5kph and now it will be…pathetic

I just don’t get this logic

I’m not sure how they are doing their percentage but if it’s from a speed off 100KM/H. You would think 5% would be 5 KM/H. Given that it’s a video game the figures could be off though. This means get to testing

Phobos is too good when it comes to heavy builds.

You can’t even speed with a heavy what are you talking about?

Do you not realize that most of those are playing too heavy for their weight. Those little piggish players should be hit.

what else are you going to do with your intelligence points that max out at 8k after a week of playing :sweat_smile:

That nerf appears to me to be aimed at detouring the unnaturally fast melee bricks that plague lower power-scores and even irritate middle power-scores. IDK how it will play out, but I think there are multiple adjustments in this next update designed to curtail the current over-effectiveness of active melee.

For the longest time i had only one, Grizzly, then i decided yo unlock Yuki for the tonnage and more damage but i rarely use her.
a Year ago when i started to use Sidekicks i unlocked the R2D2 i manage to cutdown the weight to be able to drive with him, then i did the same with my Hawks
A couple of days ago i unlocked Billie that was a nice surprise, and Falcon, not so much…

In short.

Not much