About the control changes , and how to push stupidity to its limits

okay i wont say hello , by then it s not necessary anymore ,
DEAR DEVS : you re giving us the choice to use your new shitty controls, who according to feedback no one wants (well at lest 90% of feedback was negative on camera controls from what i checked).
So you made them optionnal (clearly threatening us that this decision could be only temporary) , well if you don t modify hover parameters as proposed on test server , why should we even try those new unusable controls?
My guess on those changes was more on dumbing down the game enough so that console brainlets could compete ,well i ll give you a spoiler , they can t.
It s not even based on what they play on, but on the basic limitations of their brain functions. i m not insulting them , it s fact , just check any clan wars console stream and you will immediately see those “people” could hardly even compete against TIN PC players,being very generous.
So you want to dumb down the game for a couple thousand of console players who will inevitably leave the game after getting repeatedly stomped by the most basic of PC players.

DEAR DEVS , before making crossout crossplatform , you should first consider you re in a lose-lose scenario ,trying to save the dwindling console playerbase will only cripple further the PC playerbase, while driving the remains of console players away because they just could not compete .

as a sidenote , i tested the new controls / hover parameters in test server , and apart from some minor learning , that just makes hover twice as strong as before at the detriment of minor map awareness loss , and for other sideways movement parts , as long as you go W like a retard it works just fine (peak strategy gaming incoming) , so i m not complaining about overall changes , just stating that the decision process is poor at best.

As a conlusion , i wish you all the best luck in the world to keep your playerbase. overall the game was going in a good direction past couple of years , and i still enjoy playing it since 2016 (we came a long way !)
But if you force those changes in the name of equity , i also heard there was some kind of aim assist on console players , well you should have this removed to them , mandatory to everyone or optionnal to everyone .

Regards. Suppurax

You said you’ve chacked all negative feedback to controls change but you haven’t noticed that 99% of console players are against it?

Wtf bs you’re talking about?

Here you have an opinion what playstation players think about this

(438) Crossout | These Planned Movement Changes Will Kill The Game - YouTube


i have ABSOLUTELY 0 interest into what they could say or think

Then dont say all control changes happen due to console players.
Dude all stupid changes I’ve seen last 5.5yr happened bc of pc cryhards. Its YOU PC “pros” whos destroying this game!

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Hello guys,
Please stay appropriate and polite.
no need to insults devs, nor players.


For the record, (literally for the record, as in I want this time stamped ahead of time so we can both look back to the moment you stuck your clown shoes in your mouth) I would stomp you into the ground. I am easily the most clutch person in a 1v1 on PS4, and if and when PS4 merges with Xbox and/or PC, I intend to keep that mantle. Before you @ me with it’s not a 1v1 game, it is when you and the opponent across from you are the last alive. I simply do not lose those battles. And long before it is a 1v1, I am as deadly as they come in CWs. Many top players on console use m&k and they get aim-assist on top of the precision of a mouse. Playing PC players who don’t have aim-assist would literally be easier.

But don’t get it twisted, I’m not asserting that PC players are bad. I am asserting that the best players in the entire game are not on any one platform, but all of them.

Last time I looked this game was rock, paper, scissors and 1vs1 is pointless unless you are both playing the exact same build.

Also, news flash, this is a multi-player game. No one is impressed by your 1vs1 skills. Take your trolling somewhere else.


You must have not read the entire thing. I clearly stated that 1v1s happen all the time in CWs, where you get an enemy isolated or when you are the last two surviving players. Also, 1v1ing in CWs isn’t about who’s better on the exact same build. It’s about who wins it for their team. My point is if I’m that last guy, you can rest assured I’ll come up with the W for the team more often than not, regardless of what build he’s in. Speaking of different builds…

…it is a rock, paper, scissors game 99% of the time. As in a full hp firedog build should trump a full hp hover build well over 90% of the time. But what you don’t know and couldn’t possibly know is my builds can literally beat any builds in the game. The best shot someone has is a being a very, very good vertical gun setup Punisher spider, or a scorpion hitting his first shot. And even then, neither of those are guaranteed to win out. Anything else? I’m taking you to murder town.

But keeping it on topic, console players can absolutely keep up with PC players. A good console player beats a bad PC player. A good PC player beats a bad console player. A good console players can absolutely beat a good PC player and vice versa. The system you are on doesn’t matter. Skill is skill. If this was Call of Duty, I’d say PC has the distinct advantage. But even that is only half true now that any given console user can plug in m&k.

Hello guys
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Holy toxic thread batman.

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YEAH BOIIIIIIII! (stupid joke but meh xD)

ive tried comming up with good builds but im not a pvp kinda person. im more just a pve person. i did clan wars many times but i havent been in a clan in a long time… i think going on 2 years now… im mostly just a solo player anyways. i play mostly for raids and pve. its less stress inducing for me. as much as id like to make more uranium again its just not worth the hassle to me, and often times my playstyle doesnt fit with others. but i say good on you that you try your best for your team. i wish you lots of luck in your future battles.

mmmmmmmhhhh, soo tasty, please never stop!

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Drop it. Devs probably made those changes not for cross-platform but also or more so to remove sideways meta. As they stated in the news, they found a better and more logical cure for it - making different hover model, and leaving those camera control and option for those who wants it.

Shame you are too coward to move to PC and face more challenges and rather be just “same-proclaimed lord of duh noobz”