About the new rotors and that

so yall know rotors and that got added but i feel like every mode should be able to use them cuz now tr just 3 and awakening would be fun if we could use helis what do yall think

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A very bad idea. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :vulcan_salute:

but why thooo

oh wait maybe cuz the game would be unbalanced then…

Bingo :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :vulcan_salute:

Not everyone will enjoy using helicopter builds, or enjoy having to rebuild their ground vehicles to defend against attacks from above. I spoke with 5 people today (granted, not a big sample) and 3 people thought it was a great thing, and the other 2 thought it would ruin the game. Myself, I’m somewhere in the middle.

sbout them being added in all modes, no. that wont be good.
about them being available in awakening? YES FRICKEN PLEASE! it would be so helpful to fly around in there. but the problem is that they got rid of the weekly mission in that mode so sadly it wont be of much use there. if they add that mission back in then im all for it.

or they would make a complete storyline for awakening gamemode?

According to their recent poll, over half of the players here (52%) are RPG fans. Seems like a good investment? IDK.

ExMachina used a very RPG-like menu format, but was a pretty weak RPG, like this game. I think it would have improved the overall architecture of the game had they modeled game progression more like a typical RPG…but it’s too late for that now.

I do wish Adventure mode was more interesting for exploration. I liked rock climbing, and building rigs that could crawl up to the top of mountains, but I ran out of places to explore. There are too many invisible walls, and not enough map.

There is, however, a lot of potential. It looks like there are a lot of unfinished ideas are out there, when you start looking around. It looks like there are cave openings that are meant to be access port-holes to dungeon crawlers, but never completed. They should complete those.

Hollow earth, Ravager nests of ancient, sunken, sci-fi, apocalyptic, civilizations yet to be discovered would pry my wallet open, probably, as would a wider, more interactive universe in general on the Adventure Mode map…however, their pricing on supplemental packs, like premium garages and packs, is pretty far fetched, and very unreasonable. I’m not surprised they always act strapped for cash here at Targem. Their pricing schemes are incredibly stupid.

I really wish they’d focus more on map production. I’ve seen way too much of the present real estate in Crossout…75% of us have been here for more than three years. I’m sure we all could use more maps.


I basically treat Crossout as an RPG. Might be why I don’t care about winning so much. Getting blown up frequently fits into the storyline I have invented in my head.


I sort of do too (treat it like an RPG), and I think a lot of us would be pleased to see that more viable.

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